NOTE: As of 2019, I have decided to take a break from writing for this blog, where the rest of my written work is seen through my platform, Camp Thirlby, and elsewhere. This does not mean that Fractured Aesthetic is done for good, but that she is resembling of a certain part of my life (a whopping five years!), and that I've evolved to other, and greater, writing outlets.

Fractured Aesthetic: the working title and brandname for the blog run by Natalie Geisel, but also the term to describe my (and many others') style, which can be defined as a style that is never stable and complete; a constantly changing, even broken, aesthetic that is based on what the wearer likes, not others; a style that is used as a means of self-expression and ubiquity that does not need to follow the so-called fashion rules ("Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.").

What to expect: Here I mostly ramble on (but in an artistic manner) about my strange thoughts about fashion, what I'm wearing, why I'm wearing it, the thing I was doing while I was wearing it, etcetera. Basically, everything's about the clothes, but everything's more than the clothes. That's my view on it all: my life is fashion, but fashion is so much more than fashion. Sometimes I do normal fashion-blogger things and review shows I never got invited to, but most of the time I keep it personal, unique, me-centric (but not selfishly). And as of late, I've been expanding my writing to music and culture-related things, and now mostly focus on LGBTQ+ topics. Exciting stuff! Expect to see new, full-length posts usually once a week filled with photos and my own words of wisdom. Then, on those days where you're not blessed with a new post, I'll be updating regularly on my Instagram and Twitter.

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Find out more about me (and see my other work!) here on my personal portfolio site.

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