Love Summer, Hate Everything Else

The hashtag that swept the nation.

As I lay by a pool, preferably a rooftop one in NYC but realistically my campus one in DC, feeling the sweat drip down my back and the humidity cling to my skin, sipping on preferably a cold glass of Provencal rosé but realistically some good ol' H2O to stay hyrdrated, wearing nothing but a bikini and cat-eye sunglasses that keep falling down due to the constant stream of sweat on my nose, I have realized that it is summer.


I dreamt of it for eighteen months, I looked to cinema to calm my winter blues, I endlessly scrolled through Instagram just to catch some inspiration and to keep my hopes up while I dreadfully waited for the season to come. 

Now that it's here, I'm surprisingly not sure how to feel. The East coast skipped straight past spring and right into the heat of summer, going from 40 degrees to 85 in the span of one day. The lack of a transition period completely threw me off, and my summer dreams 180ed into an entirely different plan. My NYC rooftop instead became the same DC campus that made me hate winter, and the dream of summer became its sticky, sticky reality. DC humidity is real. But! I knew I had to continue dreaming the summer dream. I waited what felt like years for the three months of sweat and sun, so I was going to make it count.

Then I stumbled upon the hashtag #lovesummerhateeverythingelse, thanks to my fashion role model Leandra Medine Cohen who coined the term and started a revolution. I immediately started noticing all of the wonderful, wonderful perks of summer: 
  • My birthday practically kicks off summer (May 31st, if you were curious). Also, Gemini season is arguably the best, right next to Cancer.
  • It being 100% acceptable to eat ice cream every day, even when you're trying to be dairy free.

  • It also being 100% acceptable to not wear pants or an actual top, especially when drinking rosé.

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  • Or just ditching the top altogether.

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  • The ability (and freedom) to spend days reading. And not for school, but just for the sake of reading.
  • Way too much color, both because why not, and because Pride month is here!
  • Those barely-there dresses that require nothing but a body but really only work between the months of May and August.

  • Those tiny sunglasses that seem to hardly protect our eyes from the sun but look really cool.

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  • Drinking approximately five La Croixs every day, and always having a backup in your bag. 
  • The ability to finally play those songs that make you dream of summer without being sad, because, my friends, the wait is over.

If you've enjoyed my other playlist posts in the past, get excited, because they are officially becoming a regular thing! Once a month, that is.

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