What to Wear When: You Dream of Summer for 14 Months Straight

Six more months, y'all.

It's been a few weeks after spending an entire post pining over the beauty that is summer, where I constantly rewatched '80s summer gay love stories over and over again to cope, and I'm still pining over summer. When will this end?! We're in the midst of winter where going out without a knee-length (or longer) coat and blanket scarf is not feasible, or possible, for that matter, yet I still dream of open-toed mules and breezy shirts and actually having to shave my legs so I can wear that midi wrap dress or that mini dress covered in cherries. I actually want to shave my legs! Now that's really saying something, coming from someone who hasn't touched a razor in months. Waiting for six months is just depressing, watching summer flicks to cope becomes futile after watch #7, but maybe working summer details into your winter 'fit is the perfect compromise. Want summer so badly but it's only January? Why not try both!

Shirt by Urban Outfitters (I like this one better though). Pants are Dickies by Urban Outfitters. Boots by Zara. Necklace by Mejuri. Coat by Madewell.

Although it makes the most sense to do the whole transitioning between seasons thing when a transition between seasons actually exists, you can fake it 'til you make it, especially when the weather feels like a transition in itself. As I type this, it is currently below freezing with harsh winds, making this outfit impossible to work today. But only three days ago, it was just below 50 and sunny! Although I despise this erratic weather, aka climate change, it comes in handy when you want to test the waters of summer for one day. Obviously 50 degrees isn't 80, meaning I couldn't jump head-first into summer clothing. Legs had to be covered; a coat had to be involved. So how exactly did I test drive summer when a coat was involved?

Incorporating summer into a winter outfit is actually really easy. The key is to look for things you admire about summer and restructure them to work for winter. Thanks to Call Me by Your Name, I would like to wear a breezy short-sleeved button-down for the rest of my life, unbuttoned most of the way, partially tucked into cut-offs or maybe even tied at the waist. I couldn't pull off shorts in January, but I could pull off the top—I found this oversized men's button-down from Urban Outfitters, of all places, that also happens to have sketches of naked women displayed all over the shirt. Probably meant to be styled by some dude-bro, unbuttoned all the way with a white tee under paired with baggy jeans and Vans, but I continued to purchase it because I imagined all of the outfits I could create with it that did not resemble the aforementioned dude-bro look. Instead, I tied it at the waist, added my new favorite jewelry brand's layered choker for a touch of feminine, and paired them with light pink Dickies, a staple I wore all summer long in 2017.  I typically would pair them with mules, but instead I went for my favorite red boots—still perfect for winter, but something about the color and exciting style screamed summer. And voila! There you have a perfect winter/summer 'fit, which I thought was an impossible pairing until I did some experimenting. 

If you want to feel more like you belong in winter, add a coat of any flavor; I chose my favorite classic wool one from Madewell so I wouldn't take away from the summer vibes, but would still keep warm. Strip that baby off when you're indoors to show off that you did, in fact, pull off a summer 'fit when there's still two more months left of winter. Congratulate yourself! And hopefully feel a little less desperate for summer. Maybe this will make things worse; having a taste of summer but not getting the real thing makes people long for it more, no?

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