Holiday Knits

It's like a sweater... but for your entire body!

Winter is approximately 13 days away! Time to start using the snowflake emoji in every Instagram caption, drinking a sickening amount of hot cocoa, and living in tissue turtlenecks and bulky sweaters. Sounds like a dream, if you ask me.

Unless that dream consists of below freezing temps. Count me out.

Unfortunately, I don't live in California or the Caribbean, where this thing I like to call winter weather magically does not occur, so I must face the freezing temps along with all my other East coasters. I used to love this weather a few years ago; it called for so many layering opportunities that just wouldn't be possible in any other season. Also, this was before I knew what cuffing season was. Oh, the glory days. Now, as I no longer have the privilege of being able to hop in my heated car to drive anywhere I please, winter has changed for me. The once inspiring dark skies are now depressing, the once beautiful snow is now annoying, and the creative layering opportunities are now just... hard. For the past month, I've been living in my old Levi's that are getting baggier by the minute and the same thick turtleneck I bought from my favorite vintage IG account that I've worn three times a week since I received it. I've even given up on shoes; my already too-worn Adidas are getting even more wear instead of all the statement boots that should be getting more wear but are nothing like the comfort of a pair of sneakers with too many memories to count. I've definitely hit a fashion rut. Should I blame winter, or is it really just my too-busy schedule that has prevented me from getting creative with my style? The latter reason is probably more accurate; I haven't even had time to blog more than three times this entire semester (which, by the way, will change next semester!). But instead, I'd rather blame winter. It's way easier.

So, what's the solution to stop wearing the same thing over and over again?

I could go the style uniform route and simply accept the fact that I'll wear the same thing over and over again this winter. Maybe make it more interesting, like with a blazer? These methods are too, well, easy. What's the point of being so into fashion if it's easy? That ruins the fun.

I remembered from earlier that all I want to do is wear sweaters the entire season. What if I took that idea a step further?

Jumpsuit and turtleneck by Madewell. Shoes by Sam Edelman. Sunglasses by Lisa Says Gah.

It seems as though designers have realized that not only I wish to be covered head to toe in sweaters all winter long, but that almost everyone would find this sensation more than appealing. Enter the knit jumpsuit: one part sweater, one part jumpsuit. Isn't that genius? I kind of felt like Gigi Hadid when she takes knitwear to the next level and only wears knits in a single outfit. Unlike Gigi, I don't have exuberant amounts of confidence and matching knits, but the jumpsuit made up for that. Instead of worrying about pulling together a matching sweater set, I just slipped on this bad boy over a simple turtleneck (also a knit!) and felt my winter dreams come true. Being fully immersed in a sweater is not just an experience, but one that feels too good to be true. Instead of wearing sweats and a raggedy sweater, just wear a sweater jumpsuit, and you'll get the exact same feeling. Plus a look that's too good to pass up!

As I said earlier, I was trying to find a styling method that actually stimulates my fashion sense and makes it a challenge, not just a routine that I follow every single day. Unfortunately, this was definitely too easy to accomplish, as it was a short, two step process of getting dressed that day. No zipper required. Yet this simplicity still resulted in something I haven't felt in a long time, a.k.a. a sense that my style is no longer in a rut, but is rather progressing into something even greater than I ever imagined. No one can stop me. Not even the winter blues.

Photos shot by Lucy.

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