The Power of the Blazer

I swear these things have superpowers.

Just before the fall semester had begun, I began to notice a specific trend—styling structured blazers in non-professional ways. Were the 80's finally back after years of rejection? Was business professional trying to be back in style, sans the whole three-piece-set suit aspect (unless you're into that)? Or, maybe more answerable, is androgyny taking over the likes (and styles) of people who were once completely opposed to the term?

With (or without) these questions in mind, it has now become more than obvious that blazers are back in fashion. Maybe they're too back, if that's even possible. Zara has an infinite amount of them and even has their own sub-category for blazers apart from outerwear; they're on every single fashion blogger, street style star, influencer, and person who is somewhat interested in fashion on Instagram; and now they're on me! I've succumbed to trends. Someone call the police.

My search for a blazer was not rooted in Zara's massive collection or my desire to imitate Spanish blogger MarĂ­a Bernard, but it was rather a quest that began when I noticed the resurgence of the vintage blazer at small vintage shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer. After no luck of finding one that both fit me and one that I fell in love with, I took to Instagram, as one normally would, and scanned every vintage IG page that existed. Months of turning on post notifications for one too many accounts and DMing at every potential opportunity, I had found myself a vintage, wool blazer, all the way from Paris! How romantic.

Blazer, Levi's jeans, and slides are vintage. Lace slip by Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses by Lisa Says Gah.

Upon getting this baby in the mail over two months ago, my entire outlook on life changed. Am I being a bit too dramatic? Probably, but my excitement began when my DM to one particular Instagram account resulted in them finding me a blazer that hadn't even been posted to their page yet. I felt more than special—they had a reserve of vintage pieces that were practically on hold for people, like me, who came to them who had specific items in mind. As I claimed the piece before it even went on sale to the public, I knew it would have transformative powers. And as I slipped it on over a graphic tee seconds after opening the package, the myth of the superpowers became a reality.

Once again, am I being too dramatic?

Important background info is that I've never worn a blazer in my life until this one, making my strong reaction to the item completely acceptable. I had always associated them with strict business dress codes that I never had to partake in, making the act of wearing a blazer not one I wanted to associate with. But now! I want to wear this bad boy

Which I did the first week I had it, if I'm going to be completely honest.

Slip it on over a band tee and jeans and sneakers, and you immediately transform a lazy look into an effortlessly cool 'fit. Wear it with a lace slip, vintage Levi's, and slides to hold on to that last bit of summer but still show you're ready for winter (as seen on me in the above photos). Layer it over a rust turtleneck with heeled ankle boots, and you transform into a fall trends kween. Pair it with a hoodie and add a leather jacket over the blazer, and you just mastered the art of layering in two easy steps. The options are endless. Just do anything but what you would normally expect from a business staple, unless you want to own that look and go full-on CEO. Because that's also completely taking over the fashion world. Pantsuits are cool now! And maybe the beauty of the blazer lies in just that—even if you're not a CEO, you could easily look like one.

Fashion is transformative, remember?

Photos shot by Maddie.

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