Prints Prints Prints!

To make summer even more fun than it already is.

I have always been an advocate of mixing prints, especially when Leandra Medine declared it cool and Alessandro Michele declared it high fashion. But if you look at what I wear, this statement clashes with my actual style. When have I ever mixed prints, especially when they're loud and clashing? Hell, when have I ever worn a loud print alone? The furthest I'll go is gingham or floral, yet those are still fairly soft.

And combining the two? Never.

But just like the OG Justin Bieber song, never say never, especially with style. Because it's constantly evolving. Six months ago, I would have never done double denim, but this summer, I even styled four looks and was featured in a video about it.

Watch above for proof that style can never be stable! Aka the inspiration for my blog title I made back when I was 16 and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. I guess I wasn't as incompetent as I thought, as this thought still drives almost all of my style decisions. Like the one I made for this 'fit you're about to see in a few seconds!

My preconceived notion that prints on prints, especially of the clashing type, could never work vanished into thin air when I purchased a print you would never see me wearing pre summer 2017. Are you dying to see what it is? Wait for it...

Dress is used Reformation (bought on eBay!). Bandana by Madewell. Mules by & Other Stories.

Leopard print, of all the prints in the world, is the last thing I would wear, my former self thought only one month ago. But now I'm covered in it! I've come to realize that when I purchase clothing of second-hand nature, these items are things I would never be caught dead buying if they weren't used or vintage. This is one of the many perks of thrifting, as it forces me to try new things, such as going for that oversized look or purchasing a dress that imitates an animal. Like wearing fur, but minus the unethical part. I found this gem when I was scrolling through one of my IG follower's sale on eBay, as one fashion 'grammer normally does, and I immediately started bidding once I noted that it was both super soft and from Reformation. And now she's mine! 

Originally when I was waiting for it in the mail and brainstorming styling methods, I assumed I would need to keep everything else lowkey as this print was already too loud for my style. Maybe with a bandana, but a solid color. Loud prints + more loud prints were just not in my vocabulary. But the minute I put it on, I fell in love and was already feeling a little risky, so I tied my gingham bandana around my neck in cowboy style, one I've never attempted before until this adventurous day. Animal print plus cowboy bandana? How untame of me!

What I love most about this combo is that the two prints are so vastly different—the leopard screams '80s, not necessarily in a good way, and the gingham is v '90s, but in the soft and nostalgic manner. But together, they create this perfect mess that is just too good to miss. A perk of mixing prints: you get an end product that is completely different from the two (or three, or four) beginning pieces. Like a style recipe! 

Photos shot by Brisa.