Cherry Bomb

Great song, even greater fashion trend.

Who else agrees that fruit is a fabulous part of living on this planet? It's like a healthy desert. A splash of color to your breakfast routine. A necessity to any scoop of vanilla ice cream. An accidental lip stain. And now it's made its way into fashion! As told by Alutzarra circa 2016.

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And now they're everywhere!! On bags, in the form of earrings, covering dresses (in many forms, like embroidery, painted on, even sequins), even being the dress (see here). What fruits are especially in right now, you might ask? Well, lemons, as told by Alutzarra, but also so much more! Watermelons have been replacing clutches, pineapples have infested the prints of dresses, and cherries have been the perfect embellishment to practically every item of clothing and accessory.

Ah, there we go. I've finally come to the much anticipated cherry.

What you've all been waiting for.

I have to admit that cherries are at the bottom of my list for favorite fruits to consume. The real ones are too difficult to eat because of its pits, and the fake ones are just... too fake. But in its other forms? Count. Me. In.

I first got hooked on cherries when I bought Glossier's Balm Dot Com in its infamous cherry flavor earlier this summer, adding to my collection of rose and birthday, which not only tastes like the best parts of a fresh piece of cherry pie, but also makes me look like I ate a whole bag of cherries with the slightly-red stain it gives my lips. Two birds with one stone!

This beauty obsession was a gateway into all things cherry. If my ears were pierced, I would already own three pairs of cherry earrings. I was obsessed (and still am, to be honest) with the Reformation cherry print that covered at least five of their styles two months ago. And finally, one day while shopping in the East Village, I found the dress of my dreams. Shown below!

Dress by Cloak & Dagger. Shoes (similar here) and Sunglasses by Madewell.

I had found literally everything I was searching for in a summer dress. Including a fruit, specifically cherries, in some way? Check. Have those cherries be embroidered? Check. All be in the form of an a-line mini dress that (not shown) ties in the back and exposes far too much skin, which is exactly what anyone would want during a hot summer day? Check. I had found the dress. I've already worn her about five times this past month! And I have a theory as to why it's so wearable: it can stand on its own, sans all the accessories you feel you have to wear in the summer to make up for the lack of clothing on your body. I would skip the shoes if I didn't have to walk on hot pavement, even. Yet, it doesn't need accessories not because it's almost too much (example a), like many spring/summer dresses, but because it's just enoughso simple adding any extra styling would ruin the summer lewk. And maybe it really is just the cherriescould you imagine wearing this dress in only white? I couldn't, either.

Wearing it will also scientifically make you want a slice of cherry pie, specifically that one from Twin Peaks that Agent Dale Cooper says will "kill ya." 

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