Cherry Bomb

Great song, even greater fashion trend.

Who else agrees that fruit is a fabulous part of living on this planet? It's like a healthy desert. A splash of color to your breakfast routine. A necessity to any scoop of vanilla ice cream. An accidental lip stain. And now it's made its way into fashion! As told by Alutzarra circa 2016.

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And now they're everywhere!! On bags, in the form of earrings, covering dresses (in many forms, like embroidery, painted on, even sequins), even being the dress (see here). What fruits are especially in right now, you might ask? Well, lemons, as told by Alutzarra, but also so much more! Watermelons have been replacing clutches, pineapples have infested the prints of dresses, and cherries have been the perfect embellishment to practically every item of clothing and accessory.

Ah, there we go. I've finally come to the much anticipated cherry.

What you've all been waiting for.

I have to admit that cherries are at the bottom of my list for favorite fruits to consume. The real ones are too difficult to eat because of its pits, and the fake ones are just... too fake. But in its other forms? Count. Me. In.

I first got hooked on cherries when I bought Glossier's Balm Dot Com in its infamous cherry flavor earlier this summer, adding to my collection of rose and birthday, which not only tastes like the best parts of a fresh piece of cherry pie, but also makes me look like I ate a whole bag of cherries with the slightly-red stain it gives my lips. Two birds with one stone!

This beauty obsession was a gateway into all things cherry. If my ears were pierced, I would already own three pairs of cherry earrings. I was obsessed (and still am, to be honest) with the Reformation cherry print that covered at least five of their styles two months ago. And finally, one day while shopping in the East Village, I found the dress of my dreams. Shown below!

Dress by Cloak & Dagger. Shoes (similar here) and Sunglasses by Madewell.

I had found literally everything I was searching for in a summer dress. Including a fruit, specifically cherries, in some way? Check. Have those cherries be embroidered? Check. All be in the form of an a-line mini dress that (not shown) ties in the back and exposes far too much skin, which is exactly what anyone would want during a hot summer day? Check. I had found the dress. I've already worn her about five times this past month! And I have a theory as to why it's so wearable: it can stand on its own, sans all the accessories you feel you have to wear in the summer to make up for the lack of clothing on your body. I would skip the shoes if I didn't have to walk on hot pavement, even. Yet, it doesn't need accessories not because it's almost too much (example a), like many spring/summer dresses, but because it's just enoughso simple adding any extra styling would ruin the summer lewk. And maybe it really is just the cherriescould you imagine wearing this dress in only white? I couldn't, either.

Wearing it will also scientifically make you want a slice of cherry pie, specifically that one from Twin Peaks that Agent Dale Cooper says will "kill ya." 


The Alternative Canadian Tux

Because who doesn't love a good denim on denim lewk?

In collaboration with Tobi.

I know for a fact that I could potentially be named the number one fan AND wearer of the Canadian tuxedoI've been working this baby at least three times a week for the past month. I've been a fanatic of denim for the past, well, my entire life. I've talked about it on here at least five times. So it's finally time to take the leap! The leap into double denim, that is. In the past, I've only slightly experimented with a double denim look, only using subtle denim combinations, like chambray tops tied around my waist with a denim skirt or pairing black denim with blue denim. Now, I go full on Bob from Twin Peaks.

Reference pic above, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. PSA: I'm planning on going as him for Halloween this year. Get excited.

I'm not sure if I blame my love for Twin Peaks or my half-Canadian blood, but the double denim is going strong! I usually just do the typical jeans and jacket combo, but this time, I wanted to ~mix~ things up. Still paying tribute to my man Bob, but doing so in a bit of a different (and less creepy) way. 

Slip (worn as a top) by Tobi. Jeans and shirt by Madewell. Shoes by & Other Stories.

I kept the jeans that are usually the key player in these looks, but swapped the typical jacket for a denim slip dress from Tobi that I transformed into a top. Sort of sad that I had to hide the fringe hem on this dress due to my pants, so maybe another day I'll try another denim-denim look by stripping the pants and layering a denim jacket over my shoulders. However, these jeans have been glued to my legs all summer (they are called the Perfect Summer Jean...), so they're not leaving my body anytime soon, even if it is 90 degrees outside. I layered a white tee under the slip and tied a bandana around my wrist to add a few non-denim pieces to the denim party, but wouldn't it be interesting if it were a denim tee and a denim bandana? Too much? 

If you wanna get even crazier, you could add a jean jacket to finish the look. In my opinion, you can never wear too much denim. Justin and Britney prove that theory correct (maybe this will be my Halloween costume instead?). So go ahead, experiment away! If the big bad from the most iconic Lynchian dream sequence could pull it off, you can, too.

Special thanks to Tobi for the slip.

Photos shot by Venesa.

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I've Found the Color of the Season

Well, I've found about 10 colors for this season.

In collaboration with Tobi.

Marigold yellow being one of them. Also, is millennial pink still a thing? Oh, and don't forget white (it's summer!).

But have you guys ever thought about a dusty palette, consisting of a dusty rose, taupe, rust, maybe even a blush? Kind of like Glossier's cloudpaint in dusk, or any color that resembles the sunset. All following a warm palette, but not too warmbright reds aren't included. It's kind of like turning the saturation down. Like a mute button for colors! Reformation has been on this trend with their blush hues, and I've also merely observed these shades on so many NYC dwellers.

Or maybe it's just me?

Even if it is, I really want these hues to officially appear in every window display. They might feel more fall, but that's where the fun of it liesunexpected trends are so much better!

Do you remember how I mentioned white at the beginning of this post?

No? Then you must have a really bad memory. Hate to break it to you.

If you answered yes, then keep reading! White has always been a summer essential to me, as most people would agree. I'm even wearing a white linen mini as I type these words. So to style these dusty hues, I paired them with, you guessed it, white. White seems so "boating in the south of France," or "sipping rosΓ© on an NYC rooftop while watching the sun set," which is practically my two moods during the summer, even if neither of them are actually realistic. Let's begin!

Top by Tobi. Pants and bandana by Madewell. Shoes by & Other Stories.

In Exhibit A, I styled something I haven't worn, well, ever. A tube top!!! Am I in 2002 rn? Tobi inspired me to take the leap. I've always loved exposing my shoulders with off-the-shoulder tops, so why not go all the way and also reveal 100% of my arms? This taupe shade caught my eye merely because it directly resembles chocolate ice cream, which is what I dream about 24/7 during the summer months. How fitting! I paired it with my favorite pants of the summer, aka my wide-leg white jeans from Madewell, to make it less 2000s, but also to add a scoop of vanilla to the mix. Completing the 'fit with a gingham bandana and these mules that have existed on my feet all summer, no matter how uncomfortable they get after hours of walking around NYC, added my personal style to this chocolate vanilla swirl. Yummy!

Skirt by Tobi. Top by Reformation

Exhibit B consists of the opposite of what you read about earlier. I'm rocking a midi again! This time it's in skirt form and in a rusty orange color that reminds me of pumpkins, but also summer for some strange reason. Maybe exchange pumpkins for peaches? That's better. My summer white came in the form of a Reformation wrap top, which is something that is glued to my torso just like the mules are to my feet. I can't decide if the hardest part about this outfit was either tying my top or buttoning my skirt. Either way, it was still far too easy, which is just what I need this summer. Something simple and familiar, as I'm currently living in the most complex and unfamiliar city ever. Cheers to fashion making life better!

Special thanks to Tobi for the skirt and top.