A Case for Denim Shorts: Part II

More than a month later!!

From the former post that is part I, that is.

While that part I was a tribute to spring and festival season (specifically Coachella), part II is a tribute to why I haven't been blogging for an entire month--summer! And also finals and my hectic dance and work schedule... but mostly summer. It's the season of laziness, of too much sweat, of no responsibilities*! The last thing I want to do is blog, or even dress to blog, unfortunately.

*The lack of responsibilities will end, however, when I'm interning at Obsessee in NYC this summer in just 10 days!

However, this season has made me realize that denim cutoffs will be my official uniform for this summer, as everywhere I'll be (NYC, D.C., and Atlanta) will be hotter than satan's fiery abode. Denim shorts, at least my version, make it feel like I'm not wearing pants at all, minus the sans-pants part (which I'd also love to partake in this summer, maybe with Reformation swim), and the whole camel crotch business has basically become an acceptable part of society, as vintage Levi's have seemed to take over every cool girl's wardrobe. They're the perfect summer staple, too; that super-high waist works with crop tops and drapey shirts with a partial tuck or even bathing suits that act as bodysuits (so practical when you're at the beach!).

Summer makes me dream of vacationing, even if it's nowhere in sight this specific year. So drumroll, please, for part II...

When all you want to do is go on a retreat somewhere in the South of France or in Santorini or anywhere in Europe that has sun, but (once again) you don't possess the funds or time to do so:

Shirt by Madewell. Shorts are thrifted Levi's that I later cut. Sandals by Urban Outfitters (or try these). Bandana and Coach purse are also thrifted.  

Ever since I went all over France last summer for two weeks, the summer only makes me dream of getaways that consist of strolling along old, stone alleyways, endless glasses of rosé, and spending 80% of my time eating. But that vacation sadly does not exist this season, unless you count working almost seven days a week (two jobs!) in NYC a vacation. So onto using fashion's ~transformative qualities~ to make me feel like I'm on a summer getaway! I paired the DIY Levi's with one of my favorite purchases from Madewell this season--their courier button-up shirt that's covered in embroidered cacti. Maybe there won't be a single cactus in sight in Europe (right?), but this shirt sure gives me summer vacationing vibes, maybe more fit for L.A., but my point still stands. Paired with my go-to summer shoes, aka my espadrille slides I bought exactly one year ago, I felt ready for a walk through an Italian market or a lunch with a view of the Seine. 

Something about this season makes getting dressed impossible, which is a statement I've been practically shouting for the past two years. Instead of trying to go against the presumed effortlessness of summer, we should be running straight in its direction. It's supposed to mean freedom and zero responsibilities, correct? Well, at least for some of us. Even if we're not all that lucky, it can at least feel as if we can spend the entire summer being carefree. I told you outfits can have transformative qualities! Buttoning only three out of eight of the top's buttons, literally sliding into my slides, and sloppily tying that bandana (the messy bow is hidden in the back!) was almost too easy; maybe fashion shouldn't be difficult this summer. Time to buy a few investment midi dresses and even more slides. 

Photos shot by Savannah outside the High Museum in Atlanta (peep my museum sticker on my shirt!)