Tissue Turtleneck Three Ways: Phase II

The wait is over!!!

A month ago, when I finally was able to state that I owned not one, but three, tissue turtlenecks, I decided to take on a fashion challenge, which I have done many times on here (exhibit a! exhibit b! exhibit c!). But this one carries a lot more schedule, a lot more structure, and definitely a lot more planning -- the planning officially started one month ago! I told myself I would wear my three different tissue turtlenecks, of all different colors, in three completely different ways.

Why does this matter, you may ask?

The turtleneck seems to carry so much more utility than just a neck warmer. And I'm here to prove that! I proved last week that they can simply be used as an embellishing factor, to brighten up a neutral outfit with a little peep of a colorful neck, in Phase I. I showcased the embellishing nature of the infamous tissue turtleneck, and now I'm about to reveal the necessary nature of them. Necessary, not only to keep me warm in this frigid winter, but to also stand alone, not as a layering piece, and still make an outfit look damn good.

Here's phase II:

I'm not wearing pants!!!

Just kidding. 

Skirt by Zara. Bandana from who knows where (I've owned this thing since I was ten, you can buy some here!). Boots by Topshop. Tassel cuff and wool coat by Madewell.

Phase II made me think about using the turtleneck as a top, standing by itself. What a rarity for me! Layering has become second nature, and I'm fairly certain this is my first time wearing a tissue turtleneck on its own. Trump is now the president, anything is possible. It's time to try new things, get out of our comfort zone. So I continued my fashion challenge, and unwillingly put on the periwinkle turtleneck and did not continue to layer anything over it. I paired this with a frill mini skirt from Zara that looks like it came straight out of the '80s to add something extra to the bland turtleneck, and unfortunately broke my layering rule by layering a bandana over my already covered neck, choker style, and a tassel cuff over my already covered wrist. Is it still layering if they're only accessories? I opted out of putting tights on my hot dogs because the turtleneck covered my upper half, and finished the look with my heeled ankle boots and wool duster that both make me seem very business professional (walking through the streets of D.C. with clacking shoes is scientifically proven to boost your confidence level).

Before attempting Phase II, I was afraid I'd have this feeling of emptiness. I was wrong! My views in fashion constantly shift from minimalism to maximalism, and although maximalism has been controlling my wardrobe these past few months, the less is more attitude may be my new mantra. And the challenge continues! Check back next week for Phase III.

Photos shot by Brianna.

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