Tissue Turtleneck Three Ways: Phase II

The wait is over!!!

A month ago, when I finally was able to state that I owned not one, but three, tissue turtlenecks, I decided to take on a fashion challenge, which I have done many times on here (exhibit a! exhibit b! exhibit c!). But this one carries a lot more schedule, a lot more structure, and definitely a lot more planning -- the planning officially started one month ago! I told myself I would wear my three different tissue turtlenecks, of all different colors, in three completely different ways.

Why does this matter, you may ask?

The turtleneck seems to carry so much more utility than just a neck warmer. And I'm here to prove that! I proved last week that they can simply be used as an embellishing factor, to brighten up a neutral outfit with a little peep of a colorful neck, in Phase I. I showcased the embellishing nature of the infamous tissue turtleneck, and now I'm about to reveal the necessary nature of them. Necessary, not only to keep me warm in this frigid winter, but to also stand alone, not as a layering piece, and still make an outfit look damn good.

Here's phase II:

I'm not wearing pants!!!

Just kidding. 

Skirt by Zara. Bandana from who knows where (I've owned this thing since I was ten, you can buy some here!). Boots by Topshop. Tassel cuff and wool coat by Madewell.

Phase II made me think about using the turtleneck as a top, standing by itself. What a rarity for me! Layering has become second nature, and I'm fairly certain this is my first time wearing a tissue turtleneck on its own. Trump is now the president, anything is possible. It's time to try new things, get out of our comfort zone. So I continued my fashion challenge, and unwillingly put on the periwinkle turtleneck and did not continue to layer anything over it. I paired this with a frill mini skirt from Zara that looks like it came straight out of the '80s to add something extra to the bland turtleneck, and unfortunately broke my layering rule by layering a bandana over my already covered neck, choker style, and a tassel cuff over my already covered wrist. Is it still layering if they're only accessories? I opted out of putting tights on my hot dogs because the turtleneck covered my upper half, and finished the look with my heeled ankle boots and wool duster that both make me seem very business professional (walking through the streets of D.C. with clacking shoes is scientifically proven to boost your confidence level).

Before attempting Phase II, I was afraid I'd have this feeling of emptiness. I was wrong! My views in fashion constantly shift from minimalism to maximalism, and although maximalism has been controlling my wardrobe these past few months, the less is more attitude may be my new mantra. And the challenge continues! Check back next week for Phase III.

Photos shot by Brianna.


Women's March on Washington

Yesterday was a HUGE day in history. Definitely bigger than the day before (aka Trump's inauguration, aka The End of the World), considering over ONE MILLION people marched to go against him, and only 7,000 people attended his actual inauguration. But guess what! The day following his inauguration proved it was most definitely NOT the end of the world, with hundreds of thousands of women standing together in Washington to prove this concept. 

And I was a part of it!! An actual part of history that quadrupled the number of people who attended the March on Washington led by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. Now that's what I call a historic moment. 

My friends and I woke up bright and early, ready to depart for the march to get a decent spot for the rally that included the voices of Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, America Ferreira, Scarlet Johansson, and many more influencers, activists, and organizers that lasted a whopping four and a half hours. Standing in a tight space with thousands of people surrounding me at every corner was more than worth it -- getting to be a part of a movement that stands for everything I believe in and is far more than empowering, satisfying, and energizing is something that may never happen again. The protests will continue, but probably not one that was this powerful. Some attended just for the sake of attending, but most were all there for not just one reason -- to go against President Trump (I cringed typing that new statement) -- but most were there for several different reasons that all result in similar creeds of love. I marched for several different reasons that include:

The lives, well-being, safety, healthcare, equal pay, equal treatment, and overall equality of women,

the lives, well-being, safety, equal treatment, rights (including anti-discrimination, marriage, etc), and representation of the LGBTQ+ community, and the ability for them to love whomever they choose,

the lives, well-being, safety, rights, and representation of all marginalized ethnic, racial, and religious groups (including black people, Latinxs, Muslims, and indiginous people),

and MUCH more, including environmental issues (climate change and the water situation in Flint, Michigan only being a few), rape culture, the treatment of women in prison, and the screwed up justice system. 

Bernie Sanders stated a few months back, right after the election, that we would become Trump's worst nightmare, and I have never seen truer words spoken, especially after this march. Seeing all of these women (and men!) join together, with the fire and passion in our blood connecting to form a single unit that did not hide in fear, but ROARED with our declaration of injustices and desires for a better America. How empowering is that! 

But we have to keep going! This is not the end, it's only the beginning. We have to:

  • Keep protesting! Just our loud words and peaceful act of assembling together to go against Mr. Trump is enough to make a huge impact in America. This march may be the most powerful, but they will continue, and the more marchers, the merrier (I know I'll be at all of them!!).
  • Reach out to Congress. Merely watching all of this go down is not proactive; actively attempting to stop these injustices by calling your congress members is. I even have their number! Call 202)224-3121 and ask for your local senator or representative, and tell them what you care about. Tell them what matters to you to form a better system out of Trump's presidency. Do this everyday, and something is bound to happen. Remember that this country is run by us!!!
  • Join organizations, or even volunteer for them. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, the National LGBTQ Task Force, The Movement for Black Lives, and much more -- just google what you would like to be an activist for, and there is bound to be several non-profit groups you can benefit. Donate to these groups too, if possible. 
Yesterday was day one, day one of Trump's presidency, but definitely not day one of our activism. And it's not our last! Let's get to work, ladies. 

All photos shot by me, excluding the fifth and sixth photos.


Tissue Turtleneck Three Ways: Phase I

It's the season of the turtleneck.

A few facts about me: I'm an avid film lover, I'm the type of person to wait 10 hours just to be front row for my favorite band, and my favorite article of clothing for the past three years has been the turtleneck. Will the last statement ever change, you ask? Probably not. They're ~*~magical~*~. Like the wool inside your cocoon coat that keeps you warm, like the embroidery on those new floral ankle boots that everyone now seems to own, like the perfect pair of jeans you can't seem to unglue from your unwilling legs.

Necessary, embellishing, and reliable. What more could anyone want?

Due to my undying love for the amazing neck-protectors, I decided to take on a little ~fashion challenge~. How exciting! Especially during the weeks around the dreaded inauguration, a mini endeavor into how I can wear turtlenecks can brighten up the depressing time ahead of us. And to make this time even brighter, I'm using J. Crew's tissue turtlenecks, which I used to own one of and now own three!!! I'm such a fan of these that I could practically be a salesperson for just the turtlenecks; I rave about them daily to my friends who most definitely do not care. They're a) super soft b) thin enough to fit under any article of clothing (sweaters! button-up dresses! slip tops!) and c) come in practically every color of the rainbow, plus more. They make layering so much easier (and more fun! who wouldn't want to layer a hot pink turtleneck under a black checkered dress?!), so I suggest purchasing at least three in both neutral and bright shades.

For this fashion challenge, I'm going to wear all three in completely different ways to prove the endless wonders of the tissue turtleneck. Here's phase I:

Top by Zara (similar here). Jeans by Madewell. Boots by Topshop.

In the first step of my endeavor, I wanted to use the turtleneck to simply embellish an existing outfit that could stand alone without the neck-protector, but at the same time could really use the rust-tinted neck to add a pop of color (and little warmth!). To simply add a turtleneck to a look that doesn't technically need one, reach for a long-sleeved blouse, preferably high-collared and Victorian, layer that over a turtleneck of your choosing (this orange one seems pretty fitting), roll your sleeves to show off that turtleneck a bit more, and slide on a pair of pants -- any will work, but I grabbed these wide-leg denim ones that work better in warmer temps but seem to work just fine with a covered neck and ankle boots (gold heel optional). My first attempt at the Tissue Turtleneck Challenge™ showcases how turtlenecks can add a pop of color, a pop of warmth, and really just a pop of cool, if you define cool to be something that can help on so many different levels and add some stylish flare to your outfit.

Check back in the next few weeks for the other two phases of my turtleneck adventure, and maybe, just maybe, you'll hop on the turtleneck train (if you haven't already).

Photos shot by Sydney


Winter Inspo: SKAM

I introduce my FIRST post of 2017 (finally!!!) with a statement that is obvious yet extremely unwanted.

It's cold. VERY cold. I'm back at home in Georgia for winter break, a place that usually doesn't dip below 30, and it snowed a few days ago! Looking outside at my white backyard, wearing a billion layers and a hat, of all things, I realized that winter truly is the hardest month to dress for. In the past, I've denied this fact -- I assumed that dressing for cold temps created the most noteworthy outfits because anyone could layer whatever the hell they wanted to and call it fashion. This was my oblivious, Georgia-bound self, who only had to walk a few minutes outside when temps dropped to the teens. In one week I'll be back in D.C., having to walk everywhere in even colder temperatures, and I soon made the discovery that just a sweater over a turtleneck won't cut it. I could just give up on fashion altogether and wear my parka with snow boots everyday, but you all know I love fashion challenge. I actually have not yet taken up this challenge, but I know where to start...

Usually I draw inspiration from the runway, my favorite bloggers, and those famous street style shots floating around Tumblr, but now I'm finding inspiration from... a Norwegian teen drama by the name of SKAM, a show I have been obsessing over for the past week and that all of Norway has been obsessing over for the past few years. Not only is it one of the best high school-based shows I have seen in a while (even better than Skins!!), it shows off some impeccable fashion that glorifies the seemingly-dreadful act of getting dressed in the winter. I haven't been this inspired from a show since Twin Peaks. Along with its too-real dialogue and in-depth exploration of teen issues, these Norwegian teens really know how to dress. In a place where temps rarely get above freezing in the winter, the characters embrace this cold and make winter seem enjoyable with their styles (they spend a strangely large amount of time outside...). They even make me excited for this season! Here are a few tips they follow that will make any winter more bearable:

You can never own too many coats. When it's so cold outside that you wouldn't even dare to take off your coat just to show off the actually cute outfit under it for more than ten seconds, it's important to invest in a coat you actually like. Or two of them. Or three. Try different fabrics, like teddy, bouclĂ©, or wool; try different colors, like neutrals, pastels, or even metallic silver. Oversized is always better; even a puffer coat will make winter more exciting (look at Stella McCartney!!).

Hats should now become our friends. I'm not sure why I spent my entire life hating the accessory that is crucial in keeping warm; maybe it's because I've always thought that my hair was my best feature and winter hats only hide this. Eva, the character who sports a different hat in almost every episode, forgets this stigma and believes they actually show off her hair. Not everyone has long, golden tresses like Eva (especially me with my short blonde locks), but she makes it look like almost anyone can pull them off. Looking warm (and 10x cuter) is a fashion statement in itself.

Look to Noora for inspiration that goes under your winter accessories. Most watchers lean towards Noora for all fashion tips, and I believe it's the simplicity in what she wears that seems so refreshing at a time where maximalism is ruling the runway. With all the heavy coats and scarves that the characters wear, Noora keeps it minimalistic with a uniform that usually consists of belted high waisted pants and a simple top. This androgynous take makes winter so much more appealing, and it makes me even a bigger fan of pants, which seem to be the only thing that can actually keep our legs warm. And when it's so cold that your face turns into a ghostly shade of white, just add a red lip.

Make knits a part of your daily routine. Sweater weather is definitely heightened in this show, where a knit material in practically any form can both add a unique twist to their personal styles and also literally save them from the cold. Scarves! Cropped sweaters! Turtlenecks! Even hoodies!! I think I found my new favorite fabric.

More is more. I just said earlier that Noora's minimalism is refreshing, but maximalism is such a great way to treat your winter! It just makes sense: we physically need more layers to keep warm, so why not make it fashionable while we're at it?

Five is greater than one. Dress warmly with all your friends and you'll immediately become warmer. This isn't proven by science, but for some reason they look so much better in a group. Maybe it's because they can huddle together for warmth?

It's definitely only October in this scene, but c'mon, look how cool they look!!!

Watch Skam with English subtitles here.

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