Winter Whites

Let's throw that pre-Memorial Day/post-Labor Day rule in the trash.

Because why should we have to follow fashion guidelines that make absolutely no sense??

I mean, I wouldn't wear flip flops in 30 degrees or wear or a merino wool turtleneck at a beach but that's just common sense, rules we follow to make our bodies comfortable depending on seasonal conditions. What I like to call necessary fashion rules. Unless you have a strange desire to freeze your ass off.

Then there's the other category of fashion rules that I hate focusing my energy on -- rules that were invented decades to centuries ago that are probably rooted in misogyny and myths that hold zero truth. For example: why, exactly, can't socks be paired with open-toed shoes? I feel that this method is a way for fashionistas to add something interesting to the mix, or simply to keep our feet warm because we really want to wear our spring clogs come December.

The same goes for white pants, the oldest fashion rule that only people who actually aren't involved in fashion care about. Ironic, yes? I've been going through a strange funk (which will be discussed on the blog in the next few days) that's rooted in boredom and being reminded of my teenage angst from being home for break, and I've come to realize in the past that the only way to get out of funks is to, well, wait it out. But immersing yourself in fashion makes these funks so much bearable! Shopping for a new wardrobe will usually do the trick, or even better, intentionally breaking the above fashion rules I discussed. Just like breaking the patriarchy, this is a really fun task.

Top by Zara (or try this one from Zara). Pants by Mango (similar ones by Madewell). Glitter socks and sunglasses by Urban Outfitters. Shoes by Adidas. 

Unlike some people, I'm not going to spend a paragraph discussing the ~right~ way to break this rule. That's like adding more rules to a rule you're attempting to eliminate, and that goes against all rebellion involved in my master plan. Breaking one rule should imply breaking all the rules you wish to be broken. Go ahead, wear what you want! Wearing white pants alone in December is already breaking a so-called rule, but wearing these with white shoes (of all the shoes I brought home for break!!) breaks yet another rule, and so on. Instead, wear something that you've been dying to wear for ages but you never had the guts to do so. Like, a pirate-esque (or clown-esque -- you decide) top, funky sleeves and ruffled collar included, and glitter socks to add a little color (and fun) in a neutral outfit. These socks immediately make me want to attend a party, which will unfortunately not be happening tomorrow night because instead I'll be working. This lack of New Year's celebration almost forces me to wear these socks to both make my outfit look cool as hell and to be in party mode when I actually cannot attend one. I'm even wearing sunglasses in the winter!! For some odd reason this is not common, even though the sun is out year-round. Something I will never come to understand, just like not being able to wear white pants in a season that is associated with snow. 

You can now call yourself a rule-breaker. Feels good, doesn't it?

Photos taken at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

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Fashion Film

Have any of my loyal Instagram followers been wondering about this post?


Even if you haven't taken two seconds to even attempt to remember my promise to reveal this documentary, I'll pretend that you all have been desperate to see this short video, because it's finally here!

I was featured in my first documentary! 

Not that big of a deal, considering it's just my friend's short, four minute long video that she had to turn in for her video production final... but it was pretty cool to talk about fashion and my passion for it (you know I love to rhyme these two words) on video. 

Anyways..... go ahead and click play! It'll only take 3 minutes and 52 seconds of your time, and you'll be able to see shots of me looking cooler than I actually am and also see two others talk about fashion (including one of my roommates!). 


What to Wear When: It's Holiday Party Season

But you really don't feel like wearing a cocktail dress or sparkly tights or pumps or, God forbid, anything that will show your hairy winter legs.

Or, in other terms, it's also finals season so your effort to get dressed in the morning has drastically decreased, and this lack of effort also applies to these infamous holiday parties. Let me first ask: why do these parties exist? Sometimes presents are exchanged but other times they are not and they only consist of christmas lights; holiday tunes (or, nowadays, Hamilton??); well-dressed people conversing about their pets, feminism, or the election; and a lot of picture taking (polaroids are a must!). They really are just like any other Dull Adult Party, but a stigma surrounds the huge cluster of them: you have to look your best. Similar to the rules for any other party, but heightened to a certain level that seems almost impossible, and that is romanticized by Instagram because let's face it: no one really looks this good in real life:

Photo from Courtney Trop's Instagram, or the fashion/music blogger in charge of Always Judging

Apart from the ~deep analysis~ of how social media really screws us over for achieving our most desired looks (I've definitely been watching too much Black Mirror (season 3, episode 1, if anyone is interested)), holiday parties are difficult and sometimes more work than it's worth. Kind of like wearing a full face of makeup that you're not even comfortable in -- was it really worth it?

But parties should be fun! It's Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate), there shouldn't be this upsetting stigma around the most wonderful time of the year!

I'm here to change that (as I always am with every fashion dilemma I stumble upon). I'll make a fantasy where pants are acceptable and you're allowed to cover both your arms and neck, and you can still reclaim your ~holiday charm~ while most of your body is covered. It's cold!!!

When you've been stress eating because finals so you can't comfortably wear that tight dress, and sweats are the only solution:

Joggers by Anthropologie. Turtleneck by Asos. Tank by Urban Outfitters (or try this beaded one). Boots by Topshop.
Photos shot by Maddie.

I'd like to make a claim and state that fancy joggers are the definition of 2016. Who knew they even existed? Designers were probably observing the mess that is this year (19 more days until this cursed year is over, btw), and they decided it would be best to make sweatpants acceptable in public, and even in high fashion, because everyone is so over 2016 that we can only reside to sweats to get through the day. So commence the fancy sweats! Maybe try silk ones, or chiffon, or even velvet, a.k.a. the fabric of this year. Velvet seems so fitting for a holiday party! The holiday party I attended in 2015 incorporated me wearing a velvet turtleneck LBD, shown here:

                              Photo from my personal Instagram (follow it along with @fracturedaesthetic if you'd like!).

which seems more suitable than sweatpants, of all clothing items, but I decided it was time to switch things up and stay true to the inner comfort in me. So I slipped on my new pair of velvet joggers that literally feel like pajamas (my writing professor even asked me if I ever forgot to take them off before going to bed), and felt, well, unready to attend a party. But that doesn't mean I didn't look the part! Something about velvet fixes every conflict -- how can it not when it literally feels like a cloud? I squeezed on a tight black turtleneck because this seems to always be part of my outfit template when it gets cold outside, and to ~fancify~ it I layered a red eyelet tank to give a shout out to Christmas with half of the holiday colors and to add unnecessary layers that seem to go along with the party season. I finished the look with black ankle boots, gold heel and all, to make yet another shoutout to the holiday but to also make sweats even more sophisticated. Looks like it worked, and I didn't even actually wear this to a holiday party. Hopefully it will come to good use when (if??) I go to one in the next 13 days. Maybe New Year's??

When your Levi's have been glued to your body and you can't seem to peel them off just to go to a holiday party:

A photo posted by natalie (@nataliegeisel) on
Top by Zara (or try this other Zara blouse). Turtleneck by Asos . Levi's jeans by Anthropologie. Bracelet by Madewell.
Photo from my personal Instagram.

Ever since I bought my first pair of Levi's two weeks ago they have been literally stuck on my body, like they're the only saving grace I have to get me through the rest of this semester. So how does one go about when their obsession with their new jeans has not yet died, but they have a party to attend at 9?
I'm creating a world where pants are acceptable at holiday parties, remember? Just like the previous outfit, I opted for a skintight turtleneck because it's cold and it seems to be the best base layer for events like this. I did the unnecessary layering thing again but instead went for an even more extra top to make up up for the casual jeans, and as for the shoes? You can use your imagination here because they're obviously not shown in the above picture (where I actually attended a holiday party!). The above boots that I wore with the joggers would work perfectly here, but also these clogs with these socks would work just as well. 

Or we could throw all of these ideas away and just wear tacky holiday sweaters. Is that too overdone?


A Gift Giving Guide

from Vogue Brazil 2013

We're now a week into December, so it's official -- the holiday's are here. Is this post-Thanksgiving funk over yet?

It sure feels like it!

I've been playing Horchata on repeat since last Tuesday turned into Wednesday.

Well, after my two papers and one final (which will be over one week from now!!), the holiday lights will finally turn on and my mind will only be wrapped in tinsel and the anxiety of miserably failing to choose gifts that my family will actually enjoy. The one negativity of this wonderful, wonderful season. Everyone has their flaws: always late to everything, never remembers to refill the Brita, always orders the most expensive thing at a restaurant, etc. Mine happens to be gift giving.

Am I alone in this?

That can't be possible -- everyone nowadays is desperate for the perfect gift and our tastes have increased to new levels that could never match what our loved ones could even perceive in the art of gift giving. I happen to be one of those whose taste cannot translate to other people's ideas in gifts; I am part of the problem. Some years I only ask for a sum of money because I just know that I will never be satisfied with what others will get for me, no matter how much effort and love is put into the said presents. How screwed is that???

To solve this dilemma, I will map out a sort of guide to help those in need. I may be terrible at giving, but I'm damn good at knowing what I want, so we'll use my own preferences to provide some suggestions for both giving and including on your Christmas (or other holiday) list. Yes, the holidays are not only about gifts, I know, but it can make this season so much fun, especially when fashion is involved.

Every year for as long as I can remember, I've compiled a list that mainly revolves around clothing, because I'm the kind of girl who would rather have a coat that'll last me six years rather than a cat calendar that will hide in my desk for six years. Speaking of coats, let's talk about those for a quick second:

This one from Madewell seems like it'll hit two birds with one stone: keep me warm and make my '80s androgyny dreams come true, but Zara really knows how to do something similar and for cheaper (but coats are all about investing!! choose the one that will last longer!!!). Or drop the traditional coat silhouette completely and try this faux-fur lined denim one from Urban Outfitters that just screams cool. This holiday mean a new year, and the new year means to try new things. Go crazy!

While we're on the topic of investments, shoes are a significant factor. Go practical with these or impractical with these (who says impractical is a bad thing) if ankle boots are your thing, try these jacquard heels with socks like these, or if you're feeling risky and really generous go for these. Remember: we can't necessarily survive without shoes, these are important.


Investments are $$$, so maybe try a few things that won't drain your bank account but still won't disappoint: a sweater for your arms, a sweater for your thighs, or this shiny dress that will lighten up your entire life.


Now onto items that are actually gift-able! The vast majority of us are broke (or also college students, an added plus), so let's think small -- jewelry, socks, or any other accessories. Socks are not preferred, but look at these glitter ones!! It's cooold and this scarf seems to do the trick (also 25% off at UO!!). Or maybe try this bracelet to make a ~subtle~ statement this holiday (maybe cuffed over a long sleeved turtleneck?).

Maybe fashion isn't your thing -- the only person who can give the best fashion-related gifts is yourself (I too have this mindset). So what about this makeup set for the beauty-oriented, this Wes Anderson coffee-table book for the pop culture oriented, your favorite album on vinyl for the music lovers, or a grilled cheese toaster, because why the hell not.


Or we come full circle and just ask for money. Gift-giving is hard.

Click on each image to view the products.