Post Holiday Funk

I know we all suffer from this

We spend an entire day stuffing ourselves with various meats and delicious sides, probably wearing a shapeless dress (possibly imitating a trash bag?) or those "nice" pants that secretly have a waistband that you reserve for holidays like this. Sounds like the dream, no?

But then our families leave after that extended discussion about what I'm majoring in, my new internship (spoiler alert: I'll be a part of College Fashionista's team next semester!!), or, unfortunately, our new president, and we sit there with full bellies and exhausted minds and think: now what? Christmas is in one month; I wish I could just skip the awkward 16 days I have in D.C. (with only one final!!) and go home and celebrate a holiday where I won't get that weird "post holiday funk."

Am I the only one who feels this?

It's also strangely affecting my style -- what does one wear when all you have to do for the next two weeks is study and write papers and just wait for the best holiday to arrive?

It's like retail stores know that this funk universally exists. That's why Black Friday and Cyber Monday exist. I've never been one to partake in activities surrounding the dreaded Friday after Thanksgiving, but when one realizes the only way to get out of a style funk is to, well, purchase more clothes, one must use her resources. So commence the shopping!

J. Crew and Anthropologie and Asos and so much more!! Overwhelming is the only way to describe this experience. But maybe overwhelming is the only way to dig out of this hole that Thanksgiving unfortunately dug.

Ruffle top and Levi's jeans by Anthropologie. Turtleneck by J. Crew. Boots by Sam Edelman. Faux fur coat by Asos. Sunglasses by Madewell.

One, but two tissue turtlenecks from J. Crew (40% off!!!).

A pair of Levi's, velvet joggers, and a sweatshirt-material ruffle top from Anthropologie (30% off!!!).

A Margot Tenenbaum-esque fur coat (but of the faux kind) from Asos (also 30% off!!!).

Also these boots from Topshop that I just purchased last night and now have a very small amount of money in my bank account (but up to 50% off select items!!!).

I combined two-thirds of my purchases to create an outfit I felt fresh in, new, confident. There's something about wearing all new clothes that makes you feel as if you could accomplish anything, even if I did sleep most of the day and really only completed one task on Monday: writing this blog post. 

Knowing that I now own two more delightful turtlenecks (and of exciting colors!) that I could layer under anything, especially this strange top that I'm also newly obsessed with, gives me the ability to make any outfit way more, well, me (my turtleneck obsession has not gone away just yet). Knowing that I own a pair of Levi's that I've wanted for two years -- yes, I know I'm a bit late -- eliminates the fact that jeans are dead because they're just that cool! And the fur coat is an obvious one: having a huge blanket (practically) draped over my cold shoulders in this cold D.C. weather seems to be the only thing to get me through this peculiar time. 

I'm not saying you have to buy a whole new wardrobe to fix this uncomfortable phase of the year; playing with what you already have is always a method I've been an advocate for ever since I started this blog two years ago (side note: happy blogversary to Fractured Aesthetic!). But there comes a point when you only have so much to work with, and a purchase of a few investment pieces is just like hitting restart on your style game. It's that easy.

Kind of like getting a new haircut.

All photos shot by Kendall.

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