Style Inspo: Halloween

I've been feeling really down in fashion lately.

Like, really down.

I'm not sure if I should blame the strange D.C. weather or my lack of inspiration or lack of time to blog (my hiatus is finally over, btw!!), but it's been really hard to get up in the morning and actually feel good about what clothes I put on my body. I'm sick and tired of jeans, don't feel like wearing the same Madewell sweater I wear at least twice a week, and want to ban sneakers from my existence. (But I really don't feel like spending money on new clothes.)

So the real question is: what the hell am I supposed to wear?

Maybe I should look to the Halloween spirits for the answer.

I'm not even kidding -- my favorite holiday has to solve all of my style issues.

Sleeveless sweater by Forever 21 (try this one by Madewell). Jacket is thrifted (an Asos alternative). Wool skirt is vintage Gap (corduroy works too). Shoes by Sam Edelman.

The leaves are changing color! The temperature is dropping! I'm able to finally ~protect my neck~ again without becoming the human version of fire! Fall came a month late for D.C., but at least it's here. This should be enough to end my fashion depression, really. But the drop of a temperature only leads me to wearing the same jeans that I don't even like that much and an average sweater that I've owned for so long that it has almost lost all of its style value. It's time to look at something greater and more abstract and even bit unexpected -- I'm that desperate for a fashion revelation.

Halloween, on the surface level, could lead to styles inspired by witches (sheer lace dresses, anyone?). Or it could simply mean dressing up like someone you're not, like I did last year or this year (see below):

But we're going to think a little more abstract. Maybe use the color scheme to inspire your outfit choice, or simply use the holiday as an excuse to dress a little different or out-there than usual (that's what Halloween is all about, right?).

Shirt by Urban Outfitters.

It's obvious that I followed the orange and black color scheme, but I actually did a lot more than that (which will be explained in the next few seconds). I purchased a sweater sans sleeves -- what's the practicality of this? How outlandish!! I then layered this over a black and white striped boatneck tee and slipped a skirt under the sweater as well, something that felt so natural but also wasn't -- my first choice was to wear my black skinnies. I made up for my lack of denim on my legs with a denim jacket, and as I slipped on my chelsea boots on bare legs (this lack of tights is so liberating), I felt the most myself I have ever felt in months. 

Halloween is about being someone you're not for one day, but maybe my stranger style choices led me closer to my real self. Who knew a single holiday could be so valuable to my style evolution?

Photos shot by Maddie.


Personal Style Glue

It's not a fun place to be.

Do you ever feel stuck in fashion? Like, in the sense where you feel as if you're stuck in glue and you cannot change what you've been wearing every day for the past month? Now that it's fall, an example of this would maybe be boyfriend jeans and that one sweater you so dearly love and those chelsea boots you've owned for four years that are definitely ruined from that one time you wore them when it was raining (100% your fault, Natalie) and complete the look with your embroidered bomber you've been wearing every day for the past six months. In the summer it was either that one dress with no waistline and those slides, and in the winter it was always that turtleneck with those black skinnies and other pair of chelsea boots (yes, the ones reserved for winter).

It's comforting to know that this one outfit will always work for you. It's like the order you always get at Sweetgreen that you'll never change because it's just that damn good. But how would you know if it's the only thing you've tried? Hummus Tahina sounds just as good as Harvest Bowl. Yes, that delicious, comforting mix of sweet potatoes and goat cheese sounds so, well, cozy but falafel and tahini yogurt dressing!! How fun and exciting!!! 

We can just forget the fact that I compared fashion to my favorite salad spot in D.C., but you get my point. Comfort is only comforting to an extent, then it just gets sticky. Like glue. So we're going to change that! Swap stuck in glue for progressing into the cool (or should I just say weird) world of fashion. 

Dress by Topshop. Jeans by Gap. Shoes by Steve Madden. Bag by J. Crew. 

And guess what: this change isn't all that hard. Just find something you've never tried before in fashion and do it. Or maybe try something you did ten years ago (yes, ten years!!) and do it! As a fifth grader, I wore knee length dresses with bootcut jeans and thought I was so cool. Well, my friends, I decided to bring dresses + jeans back. Over the summer I experimented a lot with dresses and shorts, which felt way less terrifying for some peculiar reason. Waistless dresses that could technically also count as really long shirts paired with denim cutoffs seemed so simple. My bored-to-death self is tired of simple and demands complexity. So I pulled out a dress that should only be reserved for spring (which I bought only two months ago) and paired it with those same boyfriend jeans I mentioned in the beginning of this post and the same chelsea boots I mentioned earlier. 


Same jeans, same boots, same bomber (that one in my hand), but different top. Also a bandana to ~spice~ things up. I'm not sure if it's the florals in fall or the fact that I'm actually wearing a dress with jeans (not of the skinny type), but I magically became unstuck. What a confidence booster it is to know that I can now ease through my personal style without feeling trapped!

Photos taken by Maddie.