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There seems to be this theory that's been floating around since the beginning of time that music can change lives. Not in the cheesy, typical way that all fangirls/boys seem to claim after seeing a band they've only listened to for a month. I mean the real life-changing experiences, the ones where you physically feel like a new person and you completely forgot about the time prior to seeing said artist/band. Like they opened your mind to a whole new universe, and everything feels like it's in its right place. Like jigsaws falling into place, even.

Is it just me who feels this way?

I'll explain.

If you haven't noticed from the multiple references that have already been made in the short paragraph above, I'm talking about Radiohead (if you guessed this before I spoiled you, we should become immediate friends). A few days ago I witnessed my favorite band perform right in front of my eyes for two hours. Two magical hours that I can now place in the category of "The Best Two Hours of my Life". Some may call me an annoying fangirl, but I believe its more than that -- I simply believe in the greater good of music and how it can transform any emotion into another with one key, one note, one lyric. Radiohead happens to be really damn good at doing just that.

Yes, I know I'm a fashion blogger but today I wanted to step away from fashion, like I did here, because there are times when I have things worth saying that should be read by more people than just myself. Before the day of me seeing Radiohead began, I was going to do something like this and dedicate my single day at Lollapalooza to doing real festival things (eating popsicles, spilling said popsicle on the cute outfit I wore to said festival, etc.), but this time was a little different because I was there for one thing and one thing only -- Radiohead. So my story begins here:

A month ago my friend who lives two states over (and who is my reserved "concert buddy") asked me if I was going to Lollapalooza and I'm pretty sure I responded with "in my dreams". A few days later, I'm buying my one day ticket for Friday of the Chicago-based festival because dreams actually DO come true. 25 days later we drive 12 hours just to see one band (among many others, but the sole reason was for Radiohead). People who aren't into music (do you guys even exist?) would hate me right now. As the gates open, we sprint into the festival to the stage where Thom Yorke, Phil Selway, Johnny and Colin Greenwood, and Ed O'Brien would be standing nine hours later. Yes, nine hours of standing/occasionally sitting in the same spot. Our festival experience is already different than most people who attended the festival. Except it's really not! Everyone surrounding us for those nine hours had different stories and experiences with the band but we were all there for the same reason -- the music. The people I got the closest to during our wait had seen the band five times before and they all knew each other online through their love for the band. I was chatting with them and they were shocked this was my first time seeing Radiohead, and all the could say was, "Your life will literally be changed forever. You won't be the same." And man, were they right.

I also overheard other diehard fans (like me) discussing their favorite songs from each of the nine albums, why they would "literally die" if they played a certain song that night, and how they got to know the band in the first place. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I've never been surrounded by so many people who are so into one common thing, but it was truly beautiful because I felt like a part of something. Being one of the youngest (but still equally devoted) fans there (Radiohead fans usually range from late 20s all the way to 50s), I felt this strange connection to people I have never felt before. The girl in front of me was creating/filming a Radiohead documentary (how cool!) all based on her love for the band and the "switch" that went off in her brain the first time she saw them live. She had tickets to all of their North American shows and festivals this year, and she was determined to explain the powers this band has over their fans through her own experience and the experiences of other fans through a film (fun fact: I might be in it!! Make sure to watch it when it comes out!!). And once again, I realized that Radiohead can really change lives. And this was before their set even began.

And when they actually did come on, after hours of waiting in anticipation (but also dancing to the sets of Foals and M83), I, along with the tens of thousands of people standing next to me and behind me, became mesmerized in various ways -- screaming, crying, simply staring, and I did all three. And just like that, the light switched on. Years of loving this band, shifting favorite albums depending on the phase in my life, getting through my darkest times and happiest times by simply putting a certain record on my turntable all came full circle. I experienced the best two hours of my life, seeing them perform songs that shaped me into who I am and becoming an even bigger fan of songs I never gave a chance in the past (which is a very small number). At the end of the set, the girl who told me my life would be changed forever told me how lucky I was that that was my first Radiohead show. She was crying as she said this. And then I finally realized what life is for in the first place -- to see Radiohead live. At least for the millions of fans in the world.

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Do you have any similar experiences with Radiohead or any other band? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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