How to Look Parisian Without Really Trying

I said in my last post that you should expect this post I'm currently writing yesterday. And once again, the summer lazy blues have hit me. But here I am, only one day late! And I'm here to talk about something very close to my heart -- Paris.

I spent some time in my last post talking about every location I visited in France but Paris because it deserves its own post. And I could talk for days about every aspect of the city, but it looks like I only have time for the style category. And what a topic for Paris!! I thought NYC was the most style-centric town in the world, but right as I stepped onto those beautiful Parisian streets, my stigma of everything fashion related vanished into thin air as the fashion ideals of Paris came crashing into my mind, replacing all my prior thoughts. It was spooky. I've been to Paris before, back in 2014 on a school trip, but I guess I didn't notice style as much before I started this blog that November. And here's where I get to my point: there's a certain style about Paris that is effortlessly cool (just like L.A.) but in a manner I can actually understand. L.A. only intimidated me while Paris welcomed me into her warm, loving arms. I was home, and I don't speak French (on another note, this trip has actually inspired me to take classes Spring semester). That's why the latter portion of my title is "without really trying", because I didn't have to try this time. I felt at ease, kind of like I did that one time in NYC (style epiphanies are definitely a thing), so I decided to use my finesse to good use and create a semi-formal how-to for Parisian style, like I've done several times. I'm a sucker for guides and how-to's.

I've noticed from other bloggers and actually observing Parisians a few key rules:
a) They follow a simple lifestyle, in all aspects (especially fashion). Like Coco Chanel said (and I'm paraphrasing), always take one thing off before you leave the house. Also, there can never be too much black.
b) They'd rather wear flats over heels and sneakers over those fancy over-the-knee suede boots and they wear minimal makeup. Similar to the above statement, but more like a no-fuss, practical lifestyle.
c) But boy, do they love making statements! Investment pieces can make an outfit, and they also have a thing for a red lip.
d) The term juxtaposition is not only used in literature, but it is most definitely overused in Parisian style. Does that make sense? Mix two unlikely items, and you'll get one wonderful look.

And if you're a visual person:

T-shirt from an Arcade Fire show. Skirt by Zara (similar here). Neck scarf by Urban Outfitters. Shoes by Adidas. Sunglasses by Madewell.

Here is me almost getting run over by hundreds of crazy Parisian drivers on my very first day (what a way to go!!). And I've already made my statement. But to follow the other rules: I based this outfit on the juxtaposition concept because I have this thing for comparing fashion to complex literature. I paired my Zara midi (yes, it's okay to re-wear items on two-week long trips) with a band t-shirt for Arcade Fire that also features a piece by Rodin, the French artist (and I went to the museum dedicated to him that same day!). This is my first time wearing a band tee in an actually fashionable way, and I've decided that I'm going to be doing this way more often, with all possible skirt lengths and shapes. I then wore my floral neck-tie choker style because I was standing in the place that inspired me to start this trend in the beginning. I slipped on my Adidas instead of my slides because practicality and finally smeared my NARS red lipstick over my lips like they were begging for water (how cool would it be if we could get our water servings by wearing lipstick?). And under those sunglasses I'm wearing not a drop of eye makeup, and instead of feeling insecure I felt très cool (what a confidence booster!). The next day my dad was talking to me about Parisian styles, and he noticed that I was already blending into their usual looks. Looks like I'm doing everything right.

Dress by Anthropologie

Investment pieces are everything! The French and I agree on many things, and this happens to be one of them. Because I was on day 11 of traveling, I had an unfortunately lazy mentality, but according to the rules of Parisian style, that's okay! So I simply slipped on one of my favorite investment pieces, that dress I've been wanting for months from Anthropologie that I referenced in this post from March. It really does work wonders for the less is more theory. To finish the outfit, all I had to do was tie the laces of my Stan Smiths (do I sense a juxtaposition in this look, too?) and I was done. That was easy. 

Dress by Zara (I bought this dress ages ago, but here's another statement dress that could work).

All I really need to say here is this: about a year ago I went to Montreal for the first time and wore this dress because I said it gave off Parisian vibes and now I'm actually wearing it in Paris. That's about as Parisian as I can get. Also, I decided to tie that floral neck scarf around my wrist instead to change things up on my last day and to ~make a statement~. 

While unwillingly getting on the miserable plane ride that later gave me an infected tonsil, I realized that everything came so easily to me and that I should live here one day. Time to start taking some French classes.

All photos taken by my dad.

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