Your Little Fashion Box

Most of us, even the fashion-lovers who constantly want to attempt new style-feats, like to stay inside our four-cornered area of comfort. We know our style, we're confident with it, and because it works out so perfectly, changing it would just be pointless. Why alter something that already works out alright? Well, that's just no fun. Even I am hesitant to step outside this box, and I love expanding my style to new horizons. Maybe I do change my sense of fashion yearly, but there's still a part of me that's comfortable with the familiarity of what works best for me. Simple shift dresses with statement accessories, check. Boyfriend jeans with a simple top and a few more layers, check. Turtleneck sweater with a mini and tights, check. I always have these go-to outfits for every season, and it's nice to know what looks and feels good. Sometimes, however, these outfits get boring. There's only so many ways to mix and match the items in your closet to fit these molds, so I decided to step outside those four walls a few days ago.

Dress by Asos. Top by Urban Outfitters.
Photos taken by me, sadly inside my poorly-lit room.

Cyber Monday, which happened only a couple weeks ago, inspired me to get outside of that familiar style and try something new. I guess the amazing sales (30% off everything at ASOS!!) pushed me to do so. A tiny part of me has always wanted something overall-related. The full on pants, a dress, or even just a pinafore dress would do. However, I never actually went out and tried the trend because, well, the item was not familiar enough to my style. (I could also talk about awkward fitting, but that takes away from my point.) For about four months, I occasionally wondered if I should just go ahead and attempt the style, and I finally did after realizing that it was that time of the year where my style begins to slowly transform into something new. I was browsing Asos for who knows how long, and I finally came across the perfect dress -- the one I'm wearing in the photo above. My regular readers should know that I would never pick a pair of basic denim overalls. Of course I had to go with the olive green, corduroy, button-up with a raw hem overall dress. Everything that I don't wear, but envy on others (except for maybe the corduroy, I already have a few items in that material). So instead of just stepping outside of my "little fashion box" by buying overalls, I stepped outside of it on three other levels. When I'm on a mission, I go all the way.

To be honest, I was nervous when i got these in the mail. It looked awful when it wasn't on a person, and I struggled trying to find a top to wear with it. I almost wanted to return it, but I stopped myself -- the dress was cute, fashion-forward, and something different. So I kept it. And I continued to wear it the next day, where I got several compliments from complete strangers. I guess this dress can be a metaphor for the rest of my (and your!!) fashion endeavors. Step outside that little fashion box. It can be cozy, but at times, it gets too cozy, and familiarity can get to be dangerous. Associate yourself with the unfamiliar, in fashion and in all things. Life will be so much easier. Plus, you're bound to get noticed more often (if you're into that). 

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  1. I really like your outfit :) Love the dress! ��
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