Winter Solstice

On the first day of winter my true love gave to me....... yet another day of sticky, humid, mid-60s weather. I've gotten over the fact that we won't get snow this Christmas, but c'mon, weather! Science says it's winter now, so be normal and at least drop to 45 degrees, please. I may be the only one complaining because, I mean, it's the South and we think 50 degrees is freezing. But the weather's not going to stop me. It's Christmastime. That calls for fuzzy Christmas themed socks and turtlenecks, weather be damned. So let's change that first line...

On the first day of winter my true love gave to me...... a black skin-tight turtleneck. That's better.

And what's even better than a black skin-tight turtleneck? That layered under a retro grid funnel-neck shift dress. I told you this weather wouldn't stop me. 

Asos (which my last three posts have included, no shame) has this amazing set of turtlenecks, one white, one black, for a really cheap price (and with all the sales going on right now, even cheaper). Of course, with my obsession with turtlenecks, I had to buy the two. They're perfect for layering, go with just about anything, and are even comfortable just to wear around the house (I'm wearing the white one with joggers at the moment). The best part about these is they're tissue-thin (kinda like J. Crew's, which I want in every single color), so they're perfect to wear in this awkward weather. Winter demands turtlenecks, and this light top made the compromise fairly simple. 

I had yet another holiday party to attend last night, so I made a simple turtleneck formal by trying out the "layering with turtlenecks and dresses" trend. Also another reason I bought these tops -- I discovered that they are perfect for doing just that. I quickly grabbed my best party dress that I only save for special occasions (you may remember it from last year and way earlier this year) and layered it over the turtleneck and it ended up looking cooler than I expected (sorry for the boasting). This is proof that more than those courageous street-style bloggers with eccentric styles can pull off this unfamiliar style.  

Maybe the first day of winter was warmer than we hoped for, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate by grabbing our favorite turtlenecks and spitefully wearing them. Maybe my arctic house made this task easier than it should have been, but I also bet that it's not this warm across the world. Keep wearing those turtlenecks, because maybe the weather will actually listen to us and make it a real winter.

Dress by Urban Outfitters. Turtleneck by Asos. Shoes by Asos.
Photos taken by my wonderful dad

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