The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And I'm serious with this title. I'm positive that everyone, or at least the majority, loves the holidays. There seems to be no wrong that can occur during such a wonderful month. People seem to forget about finals and other dreadful responsibilities because the idea that winter break is dawning upon us makes us only think about what we'll be getting under the Christmas tree or how we'll be spending such a happy few weeks (to all my non-Christmas celebrators). I may have said in October how Halloween is the best holiday, but the turn of the month made me realize that this season has to be my favorite. Peppermint hot-cocoa, holiday lights everywhere, and those huge ribbons you find on gifts are a few things that make me unconditionally happy. I love everything about this season, except for maybe that overplayed Christmas music. The most exciting thing, however, are the Christmas parties. I was never really into them until this year, but the one I attended this past Saturday completely altered my feelings toward them. Forget those tacky Christmas sweaters (no matter how much I love them), and go all out for the holiday events you go to this season. That's what my outlook was, and it definitely worked. Dressing up is half the fun of these parties, so of course I had to show off my skills (and my new buys) through this event.

Dress by Asos. Boots by Asos.

Dressing up for the holidays is almost too simple. Find that dress you've been dying to wear but didn't know when you'd be dressing formally, and slip on some tights. Glam out your face with more makeup than you'd usually wear, and finish the look with bright red lipstick. The key is to overdo everything, because, well, it's the holidays. There is still a way to overdo your look in a subtle manner (I apologize for the inconvenient paradox). I only went the extra mile in my makeup, and then followed a simple yet formal style for the rest of my outfit. Sometimes, the most well-put together outfits are the simplest. It's true that the effortless always carries the most effort.

I started the outfit by wearing my new black and velvet turtleneck dress (my dream dress, basically) with sheer tights, black boots, and mistletoe socks (I had to incorporate Christmas into my outfit somehow). I then applied my signature winged-eyeliner for the first time in months (four tries was definitely worth it), and I added a red lip that only screams Christmas. Voila. All ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

My sister and I posing for the holidays
Photos taken by my talented dad

I weirdly felt at home in this outfit at the party. Christmas music ringing in my ears, lights sparkling in my eyes, soft velvet against my skin... it was truly a magical experience. No wonder they call the holidays a miraculous time.

The party was a mix of christmas sweaters and "sexy cocktail dresses" (what my friends liked to call them), and I'm glad I went with the second route (are turtlenecks deemed "sexy" yet?). I'm the type of person to dress up for a normal school day, so of course I went all the way that night. Other than fashion, I brought the party to a whole other level by setting up a photo station with my camera, tripod, and even lights, including my colored ones. We were able to show off our Christmas wear and holiday cheer, and it made the already-successful event even better.

A few of my photo-station photos (with my wonderful friends)

Maybe I'm being a bit too cheery and even cheesy while talking about this topic, but I do believe the holidays brings out the best in people. Usually I'm a cynic, but I have to admit that the peak of my happiness occurs during this season. Wear those velvet turtlenecks, hang up those shimmering lights, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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