SCAD Fash: Oscar de la Renta

I finally come back from my Christmas hiatus of doing nothing but binge-watching poorly written T.V. shows (I really needed a break) with an exciting post. No, it's not that Christmas post I promised I would write a few days ago to all my followers on Instagram, it's something way more fascinating. Because I live so close to Atlanta, I have a lot of opportunities to do things other than live that boring suburban lifestyle, like go to art exhibits or concerts. Today, I used that opportunity with a few of my friends to go to SCAD Fash, a museum run by SCAD Atlanta. The current exhibit is a tribute to the wonder that is Oscar de la Renta, and being the fashion geek that I am, I had a little moment of clarity in that museum. 

Immediately as I stepped into the exhibit, I felt de la Renta's presence in every piece he created. Each design is so unique to the point where everything fit a different mood or style, but they were all connected by the same intricacy and detail he put into his creations. Before coming here, I was obviously a fan of his, but now I truly understand why people idolize him. Every time I entered a new portion of the room, the styles looked completely different than another portion's displays. It proves how talented the designer is, and also my overexcitement proves how obsessed I am with fashion. This might be even worse than the time I saw that fashion show during Montreal Fashion Week.

The museum was playing a video about the entire creation of this exhibit, and it explained how one fashion student at SCAD got to help put the entire thing together. She was able to sort through his pieces, decide how clothes would be displayed, and even organize the opening night, and her experience made me realize my own dream with fashion (I had one of those fashion epiphanies, like the one I had in Montreal). Being surrounded by just this one designer's work made me weak in the knees, and seeing how this one student got to do something so great yet so surreal gave me a strange dose of motivation. I'm still in high school, but this is what I want to do. 

I want to be surrounded by fashion every single day, and hell, I even want to walk side by side with Anna Wintour, just like the student from before. I want to be able to say that I touched the same dress that Bee Shaffer, Wintour's daughter, wore (the photo directly above), but being in the same room as it was enough for now. I want to be able to write about things like this, but I guess I already am, so am I already living my dream? 

All photos, except the one above (which was taken by my wonderful sister Kendall), were shot by me

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