"Simple" School Chic

With school, comes normal routine. And with normal routine, comes regular, scheduled posting. Finally. I'm not the biggest fan of going back to school, but at least it somehow gives me more inspiration for everything. My writing, my photography, and of course, my posts on here. I thought I would celebrate (or maybe dread) the first day of senior year with an outfit that exemplifies some sort of "school chic" aesthetic. I did not plan this at first, but after taking photos for this post, I realized that it really worked. And don't worry, not in the plaid skirt, knee highs, and blazers way.

The typical "school chic" look always consists of one thing: collars. As a huge collar enthusiast, this made my work fairly easy. I own several tops and dresses that consist of collars, and all of them would work for this aesthetic I was trying to reach (well, I technically didn't realize I reached it until the day was over... but that's beside the point). I decided to wear my new collared and sleeveless dress I got from Lou & Grey a few weeks ago. What's even better than collars? Sleeveless collars. What's even better than sleeveless collars? Denim sleeveless collars. Yes, this dress is deceivingly made of denim. Maybe it's a softer, bleached out type, but that makes the denim approach more subtle. The sleeveless collared nature of the dress made it a traditional school outfit, but the denim fits in with a more modern style, making my "school chic aesthetic" not ordinary. I completed the school look not by pairing the dress with the typical penny loafers you would see paired with knee highs, but with the more cool-looking shoes that are still worn with school uniforms -- the Doc Marten oxfords. I changed the bare-eye and bare-lip tradition by wearing subtle eyeliner and pink lipstick to, once again, fit with my personal style just like I did with the denim. School girl chic is a thing, but there's never a reason to go full out, unless you're dressing up as Cher from Clueless for Halloween. 

Dress from Lou & Grey. Shoes by Doc Marten. 
Photos taken by me (and sadly, not outside. It was raining.)

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