Trend of the Week: Denim (NOT jeans!) Part II

(sweater -- Urban Outfitters; skirt -- Topshop; sandals -- Topshop)

As I said yesterday, this week’s “trend of the week” comes in two parts. Denim that comes in different forms other than jeans is such a huge trend right now that I had to dedicate this style to two days. Yesterday was the jacket, and today it’s the skirt. While the denim skirt is usually seen in the form of a mini, other styles do exist, like the one I’m wearing today. The material may not be actual denim, but it definitely gives off the look of denim (like a chambray shirt), and the lighter, more flexible material makes the midi looser and more shapeless. This style can also be seen as extremely tacky along with the jean jacket. However, denim skirts can create super cool looks if worn with the right tops and shoes. With this skirt, it can create an outfit that a grandma would wear if not done properly. That’s literally what someone told me when I bought the skirt, but I knew right when I tried it on that I would make it work. The fact that it’s both a longer skirt and it’s made of a denim-like material only gives off old, hippie vibes, so choosing a top and shoes is the most important part in this process. The top must be tighter and have more edge than the skirt. I chose my simple, white mesh sweater that can be tied at the waist really easily (anything tucked into this skirt just looks bad), and I accessorized with my favorite gold necklace. The white in the top worked perfectly with the lace accents at the hem of the skirt. For the shoes, again, they have to be fashionable, edgy, and work with the length of the skirt. I chose chunky sandals for this outfit, but low boots, like my cutout ones, would work on a chillier day. With this skirt, or any denim skirt, it’s crucial to put the most thought into the items being worn with the skirt. By doing this, it can create an extremely fashionable and trendy outfit. 


Trend of the Week: Denim (NOT jeans!) Part I

(skirt -- Asos; top -- Asos; jacket -- goodwill)

This week, I'm having a two day trend special. Today I used alternative styles of denim in the form of a jacket, and tomorrow, it will be with a skirt (more details with that look on tomorrow's post!). I decided that because I love denim so much, I had to dedicate two days to this lovely trend. First -- the denim jacket. It's so strange bringing this style back because I remember wearing it all the time in 2nd grade, but it is definitely acceptable now in this fashion age of a resurgence of 90's/early 2000's trends. This jacket actually isn't mine; it's my sister's that she let me borrow today. I haven't yet invested in one for myself because I was scared I would never wear it, but after today, I could wear this jacket with literally anything. This one came from goodwill that already has a few patches sewn onto it, and my sister put a few band pins (like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire) on the chest pockets to personalize it. Personally, I would like to get a nicer one for myself, specifically the one from Madewell, that actually fits my body type, but the one I wore still worked -- it had a boyfriend jean kind of fit, just for my upper body. The biggest reason people don't wear these jackets anymore is that they seem to be tacky. However, it is possible to pull off the jean jacket look without looking like either a tacky 90's mom or a typical 1975 fan (I apologize to the people that actually like that band, but you do have to admit that the hardcore fans have a certain look that just doesn't work). For me, I wanted to pull off an edgy look without going over the top, so I wore my velvet mini skirt from Asos paired with my striped crop tee also from Asos. Instead of looking like an obnoxious groupie, I gave off cool 90's-girl vibes without looking like I just stepped out of My So Called Life (although I must admit that that show does have an awesome style, but that's beside the point). The jean jacket was the perfect accessory to make the simple skirt-and-top outfit way more appealing, and it's light nature was perfect for the slight breeze we had today. Depending on how it's worn, the denim jacket can give off tons of different styles. It can be paired with black denim for a grungey, badass look, or it can be layered on top of a sundress for a breezy summer day. I'll be sure to invest in an actual one that I can call my own so I can try out all the looks that are possible with this versatile item.
As for my beauty today, I added a few loose waves to my already naturally wavy hair to create a messier look. My new, bright blonde hair already works so well with this outfit, so I felt like I didn't have to do much with my hair. To accentuate the outfit and my new hair, I applied Eyeko liquid pen eyeliner to create a thick, winged shape, and I wore a lipstick by Revlon in a wine shade. The bold colors and accents in my hair and face made the outfit ten times cooler. Also, ever since I dyed my hair, I'll probably be wearing bold lipstick everyday because bright lips look so much better with a brighter hair color. 


(Almost) Platinum Hair

One week later, I'm back at the salon... but this time, it's for color. My hair has been getting darker for the past two years, and the natural blonde color I was blessed with was starting to turn into a dark, dirty blonde, almost "bronde". A few years ago, I told myself I would never re-dye my hair blonde, but three months ago, I broke that promise by deciding to go lighter. I didn't want to go full on platinum, but I did want to go really light, and that's exactly what my stylist did. Honestly, I was so scared that it would not turn out how I wanted it to, but it looks just like the picture I showed her before she dyed it. This light of a blonde makes my skin look tanner and my bright lips look even brighter, which is a huge plus. Platinum blonde (and also a few shades below that) is definitely in this season, so anyone who tries this color will definitely be in style. 


The High Pony

When it comes to hair, I usually just wear it down. It’s easy, at least for my hair type, and I usually don’t have bad hair days. However, sometimes wearing it down every single day can get really boring and even make your overall style dull. It’s nice to change things once in a while, and that’s what I decided to do today. Usually, if I don’t wear it down, I only pull half of my hair into a pony-tail or messy bun. Today, I did something I never do -- I mastered the “high pony”. This style is hardly done anymore because it could look “childish” or bring back harsh memories from the ‘80s. But sometimes, it really can work in a messy, lazy but put-together, way. The key to making the high pony look decent is to make it look unkempt with a lot of volume -- add texture to your hair with texture spray, sleep on wet hair, do anything to make your hair not completely smooth and straight (if that’s what your hair is like naturally). Then, I know this may be going over the top with tacky accessories, but add a scrunchie! Some scrunchies, like the floral one I’m wearing today, is more minimal and actually has a design that’s not tacky. Never go for the huge neon scrunchies unless you want to look like you just stepped out of the “Let’s Get Physical” music video. Also, the scrunchie can make a dull pony way more interesting and add a cute accent to a style that is pretty hard to pull off. Finally, make the look more natural by pulling out a few strands from the front of your face (the ones that are shorter than the rest of your hair). This makes the style less polished but also adds more femininity so you don’t look bald from different angles. One of the biggest tips with this style is to be heavier on the makeup than you usually are (if you’re usually light with it). Hair pulled back can lose a lot of femininity in the face, and just those few strands framing your face really won’t do much. I applied winged-eyeliner to do the trick, and other methods could be to wear a bold lip color or even a colored eyeliner, like blue or purple. This hair style may seem less flattering on some, but if done right, it can make a simple outfit more interesting and add diversity to your hair styles. 


Trend of the Week: Spring Layers

(collared top -- Urban Outfitters; sweater -- Madewell; boots -- Steve Madden)

With spring (usually) comes warm weather, and it may seem impossible to find unique and varying outfits when there are not many things to experiment with due to the higher temperatures. However, layering is not just a fall/winter trend. It seems like a method to only keep warm, but during the warmer months, it can be used to create more interesting outfits with a less abundant wardrobe. Because I have not had the chance to go spring/summer shopping yet, I decided to find a few items that I have owned for a while and create a layered outfit that can actually work in the springtime. The collared shirt/tunic I’m wearing today used to be dress length on me, so in my freshman year of high school, I would just wear a white slip and the “dress” over it. Now, the piece has magically shrunken (either I grew a lot or the shirt shrunk in the wash), and I haven’t even touched this item in two years because I didn’t know how to wear it. A few days ago, I realized it would be possible with the help of beige shorts I own from Loft that I barely wear anymore. The shorts, although the top almost covers them (I bet you didn’t even know I was wearing shorts), makes the outfit more acceptable but also creates a more unique look that already adds a base layer to the layer-centric outfit. And because it’s still a decent temperature (about low 70s), I was still able to wear a sweater over the top to add a final layer to the outfit. The collar and drapey style of the top gives a simple shorts-and-sweater outfit way more style and character. As you all should know by now, layering is my favorite thing to do with creating outfits, and this look proves that it’s possible in the spring. The only “requirements” for a spring layered look are: the layers need to be light, avoid complete coverage of skin (in this case, the legs), and go for pieces that will give the outfit movement (like my collared top). With these three things in mind, I promise that you’ll enter spring with brand new and fashionable outfits that will look completely unique, even if they involve clothes that you constantly wear. 

In regards to the beauty portion of this look, I opted for a more natural look with a touch of bright lips. Although my hair looks completely natural, I had to add a few products to give it a beachy, natural vibe. What I did to achieve this look was to sleep on wet hair after I showered, and when I woke up, I took a few strands in the front and created waves by flat-ironing it in an "s" shape, but not as drastic as what my hairstylist did on friday. Then, I sprayed Alterna Stylist Ocean Waves spray through my roots and ends, which created a messy, effortless look that emphasized the waves. Finally, I scrunched Aveda Control Paste through my ends to hold the waves but to also add more texture to my hair (as you can tell, creating effortless hair really is not effortless). As for my makeup, I just  brushed on some YDK and Verve eyeshadow from my Naked 2 Palette, used an eyeliner brush to apply black eyeshadow on my waterline (just a minimal amount to make my eyes more noticeable), and I added a few layers of Covergirl's Clump Crusher mascara to make my eyelashes noticeable but also natural. Finally, for the most important part, I wore Nars Heat Wave matte lipstick to add emphasis to a natural face and a neutral-toned outfit. 

I usually never talk about my hair/makeup, but I decided to do it for this post. Tell me what you think about me also talking about beauty (next to fashion, always), and I might start making it a consistent thing. 


My New Hair

It’s been 8 months since I actually cut my hair, and once I realized that when I straightened my hair, it went all the way down to waistline on skirts, I set up an appointment to get my hair cut. One of the few things I don’t put time and effort into is my hair (I literally shower at night, sleep on wet hair, wake up, and go out without doing anything to it), so I thought I would do something with it to give my style a new look and increase my self esteem (it works, I swear). I was scared to get anything done because I was a bit attached to my long hair, which is probably an unhealthy relationship. My sister kept telling me, “Hair grows back!”, so it really wouldn’t hurt to try something. Because my hair was so long, 12 inches of my hair would have to be cut off to actually make my hair officially “short”, so I had a long range of options to choose from to still keep medium-long hair. I decided to go right in the middle -- 6 inches. It seems like a lot, but it really wasn’t that much. All it did was lift a huge weight off my shoulders (literally). Also, my hair stylist decided to razor my hair (if you don’t know what that means, it’s where she takes a strand of hair, softly combs a sharp “razor” through the hair, which gives a textured/choppy look without cutting definite layers), which I’ve never gotten done before. My hair stylist also loves experimenting with different styles after she cuts, so she created the look of loose waves by taking a flat iron and pulling the hair through in an “s” shape, which gives the waves multiple directions/bends. It reminds me of the look that’s been on the runway this past fashion week with ‘70s-esque waves that I’m obsessed with. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn how to do that with my flat iron (and when I have time), but the razor still gives my hair a lot of texture and wave it didn’t have before. I’m so excited to try new styles with it, and I’m even more excited to get my hair dyed a lighter blonde next week (pictures to come!). 


Trend of the Week: Colored Shorts

(top -- Topshop; shorts -- American Threads)
Trend of the week: Colored Shorts
 With spring coming, shorts are a necessity in everyone’s wardrobes. At times, wearing denim shorts all the time can get boring. Cut-offs that aren’t denim could turn an outfit into a preppy disaster or its opposite -- a cool style that brings a balance of a bright color and edge. A few years back, I would only wear the colored chino shorts from J. Crew, which are definitely cute, but I always wore them with items that just created a tacky mess of too many colors. After a few years of wearing them, I’ve finally found a way to wear these colored shorts and actually make a fashionable outfit. First off, there are a few tips when finding shorts like these -- find a color that works well with your skin tone, steer clear of saturated hues (bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, etc. The only exception to this is a bright blue), and make sure there’s no tacky repeated animal stitching on them, unless you’re trying to achieve a southern-prep look (if you are, my blog will definitely not help you). A coral/peach color is probably the most complementary color that goes with my skin and hair color, so I found a loose high-waisted pair from American Threads. The clothes you wear with the shorts are almost as important than the shorts themselves, so make sure to wear either neutral items or colors that truly match the shorts. I’m all for not listening to the “matching rules”, but these rules are fairly important in times like this. With colored shorts, a simple matching mistake can create a fashion disaster. Also, the shorts can already give off a slight preppy vibe, so if you want to not go any further, try to find items that are the opposite of “preppy”. I did this by wearing my black, jeweled crop top from Topshop (that only gives off edgy vibes) and by tying my chambray top around my waist to match with the peach tone of the shorts but to also add more edge to the look. My closet is definitely mostly full of neutrals, but at times, wearing bright colors is sometimes necessary, especially in the spring time. It is possible to add bright colors to your outfits without going overboard, you just need to find a balance and know your limits with color schemes. 


Warm Weather is Here to Stay (Hopefully)

(top -- Urban Outfitters; skirt -- H&M; sandals -- Topshop)

Today, the weather hit it’s all time high of the year -- almost 85 degrees. Pretty soon it’ll probably drop back to 50, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I celebrated this weather by taking summer-esque items that contain more fall/winter colors to create a contrast between the warm weather and the still winter season. My favorite part about this skirt is that it can be worn year round, depending on what is worn with it. For a fall/winter look, just add a cropped sweater and ankle boots, and for a spring/summer look, just add strappy sandals and a light, sleeveless top, like what I did today. The red and black colors, usually associated with colder months, really contrasted with the spring shape of the items to create a unique look that’s perfect for this awkward transition between winter and spring. Although I’m not a huge fan of the really hot weather, I do love having the freedom to wear more minimal clothing. It makes it ten times easier to find an outfit and not have to worry about layers or having something to cover your legs. Don’t get me wrong -- winter fashion will always be my favorite, but sometimes, the warmer temperatures do make dressing well a much simpler and easier task. 


Tips for Concert Fashion

(top -- Urban Outfitters; bralette -- Urban Outfitters; chambray shirt -- Madwell; jeans -- Urban Outfitters; shoes -- Asos)

Last night I saw Hozier live at the Tabernacle (he was amazing!!), and I wanted to use last night’s outfit to talk about concert fashion in general and outfit tips depending on the venue and weather. All week, it was warm, but of course on 

Friday, the weather had to drop to 40 degrees. This colder weather calls for one thing -- layers. It will be freezing outside (waiting in line without enough clothes is a very miserable experience) but it will feel like a sauna inside, especially if you’re on the floor (which I was, of course), if you’re wearing too much clothes. This is why winter month concerts are so difficult, but there is a way to at least lower the extremes of cold and hot. It’s always best to start off with a very light top -- no sleeves, light material, literally anything that will make you feel like you’re not even wearing a shirt. This will pay off when you’re midway through the concert and you’re sweating all over. It will probably take off an extra 10 degrees. I wore my light crop top from Urban outfitters with a lace hem to keep my body temperature normal during the concert. Also, comfort is crucial during a concert, so instead of wearing a normal bra (or a strapless bra that I would have to wear with this top), just wear a lace bralette that you can show off and achieve maximum comfort with. The bottom half is probably the hardest in temperature dilemmas like these. To find a good medium, I wore my boyfriend jeans with many holes. The jeans will still keep me warm outside, but inside, the holes allowed my legs to actually breathe. However, my legs were still very hot inside, so I’d suggest wearing shorts and tights instead (I was going to, but I could not find the shorts I wanted to wear). Next, you have to bring multiple light layers instead of one big layer because no one likes that person who carries around a huge coat inside a sweaty concert. No one. So instead, bring a light cover-up, like a flannel, or in this case, a chambray shirt. This layer can be worn inside at a more chilly restaurant, and during the concert it can be simply tied around the waist -- basically a common sense concert tip. Unless you’re invincible to the cold, this one layer isn’t going to do much, especially when you’re waiting 2 hours to meet Hozier outside and then you find out the Marta station closes at 1 a.m. so you have to sprint to Marta and you don’t even get to meet Hozier. (Yes, this really happened. I know.) The best option is to add a light jacket, like the thin one I have from Mango (not pictured in the images), because it can also be tied around the waist or it can be tied around the purse/bag you bring. This brings up another thing -- always bring a small, easy, and accessible purse, something that goes across the chest and can fit the essentials -- phone, wallet, and concert ticket. Finally, the shoes are very important. Find your most comfortable pair of shoes that don’t have too high of a heel (even mine were too high, my heels really started aching about halfway through the show), but also that look good with the outfit. It may seem impossible to find the most practical yet cute outfits for concerts, but I promise you, it’s possible. I’ve been to my fair share of concerts (remember, I’m a huge music fan), and I have found ways over the years to make the best concert experience through fashionable looks. Although the waiting for Hozier and not even being able to meet him (the worst part was when I found out this morning that he came out just 20 minutes after we left) kinda sucked, it was still a phenomenal concert and we also got to stand next to Orion Carloto while waiting to meet Hozier (she’s vine/youtube/maybe tumblr famous, she helps create a magazine and she’s only 18) and be in the presence of her beauty even though we didn’t meet her because she left really early it was still pretty awesome. I’ll probably be doing these a lot in the next few months because I’m going to a spring show at the Fox and a music festival in May. Every outfit depends on the venue, the weather, and even the musician, so make sure to stay tuned for other concert tips that will be coming up in the next few months!


Monochrome + Red Lips

Sorry for the late post! Dance practice ran later than usual, so I wasn't even able to take the pictures until 9 tonight. 
Today’s look focuses on simple monochrome with small, contrasting accents. I’m finally able to wear this dress that I got in January from Urban Outfitters (it doesn't look too good with tights, so it needs to be warmer outside), and I wanted to create a basic look with it by using a similar color scheme. Instead of adding more accessories to a basic dress, I kept the look simple by just wearing my cut-out boots without socks to emphasize the cutouts and the black colors. Because my blonde hair is not enough to brighten an extremely dark outfit, I wore my bright red lipstick from Nars to create sophistication and add contrast to a seemingly dull look. I am a huge enthusiast of wearing all black (it’s literally the universal color that works with everything), and I still was able to slightly change the monochromatic scheme with the lipstick, which added just enough color.  Also, the femininity in the lipstick created a perfect balance with the more shapeless masculinity of the black dress. This Spring, I have decided I’m going to challenge myself to make outfits just as amazing by decreasing the amount of accessories and emphasizing simple items with bold lips or small but noticeable accents, and this outfit (along with Monday’s) has been extremely successful with that challenge. 


The Fashion Behind Twin Peaks

Along with my recent obsession of the show Twin Peaks, I've also gained an obsession of the fashion that comes with it. The show aired from 1990 to 1991, but it's short run left a lasting impact on all of its viewers, even the ones in this current decade, like me. The time period, transitioning from the '80s to '90s, left the perfect style for the show -- the class from the '80s without the shoulder pads and the edge from the '90s without the over-the-top grunge. Almost every character on the show has their own unique and amazing style, especially with the female characters (even the trans character Denise!). However, the three best styles, in my opinion, lie in Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward, and Shelly Johnson.

Audrey is definitely my favorite character, and I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to her impeccable taste in fashion. We meet her wearing a pleated midi plaid skirt, a light pink sweater, and saddle shoes, and from that moment, I fell in love with her fashion. She's constantly wearing a midi (and she even repeats items, like how she's wearing the plaid midi she wore in the first episode in the bottom image just with a different sweater) paired with a unique sweater. Her super short hair, minimal eye makeup, defined eyebrows, and bold lips make her look even better, and honestly I just wish I could buy all of Audrey's wardrobe for myself. Luckily, the midi, and even the plaid midi, is coming back in style, so everyone is able to channel their inner Audrey Horne without looking like they just stepped out of 1990. 

Donna takes her style to a different level -- everything she wears is completely unique, and a lot of her outfits seem super strange at first, but later you realize how fashionable she was and even would be today. You could see her in mom jeans and a huge sweater, a color-block cardigan layered over a lengthy skirt (bottom image), or even a collared-blouse (top image). What I like about her style is that the're always something new, and she's never predictable, unlike Audrey. Her subtle under-eyeliner, curly hair, and bold lips are really the only constant part about her look. 

Shelly Johnson is the girl who brings class and femininity to the cool style of the '90s. It was more difficult to find outfits of her because she's in her waitress outfit 85% of the time, but when she's not wearing it, she really does try to look her best. Her style includes frilly tops (top image), a-line skirts, patterned blazers, and simple velvet dresses (bottom image). She emphasizes the beauty in her face and figure with these delicate but unique pieces, and her loose waves and peach lips bring a more natural vibe to her put-together look.

Twin Peaks brings midis, defined collars, huge sweaters, and velvet to a new level, and luckily, these items are coming back in style. Even if people don't watch the show, all of these characters are as recognizable fashion icons as Rachel Greene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is. 


All-Cotton Basics

I've learned in my years of shopping and choosing to dress well that simple, essential items are key to keeping a good wardrobe without spending too much money. These items can be re-worn in hundreds of unique ways, making your closet versatile, but also not costly. Today, I went for a more simple look by combining my basic essentials into a cute but casual outfit. I basically did an all-cotton look -- my favorite white tee from Urban Outfitters, my super-soft circle skirt from Urban Outfitters as well (yes, I know, I shop there too much), and my socks from Madewell that I paired with my favorite sandals from Topshop. Daylight Savings Time really messed up my sleeping schedule, so I didn't have much time to prep this morning. I wanted to wear something that made me feel better, but also look better (I promise that dressing up -- even if it's barely anything -- will make your day at least 10 times better). I created a more unique look by adding the socks and sandals, and I still managed to keep a simple outfit with the minimal shapes and lack of accessories. And because I knew today was going to be extremely tiresome, I wore a natural face with minimal eye makeup and a light pink shade for my lips. Sometimes, simple is better, and I proved that today with my outfit. 


My Gratuity Towards Tavi Gevinson

It's been about 3 and a half months since I created this blog (at least my tumblr), so I'd thought I'd write something to dedicate my gratuity to the goddess that is Tavi Gevinson. I realized that she's the person who inspired me to actually get up and create a blog like this (I've always had considerations of doing it, but I didn't actually start until I saw her blog). The first time I had heard of her was only about a year ago -- I saw her in some pictures of Mae Whitman's on Instagram because they were in the show Parenthood together (Mae was a major character for the entire series,and Tavi was pretty minor, I think she was Haddie's girlfriend -- I stopped watching the show after a while so I'm not completely sure of the details). I didn't think of her again until last July, when my family and I were visiting Chicago and we wanted to see a play. We were looking through a list of all of the local shows happening in Chicago, and we immediately stopped when we saw one called "This Is Our Youth" that starred Michael Cera. Most probably know that show as the one on Broadway, but it used to be a show in Chicago inside a tiny theatre. We bought tickets mainly because my entire family loves Michael Cera (I mean, who doesn't?), but once I read the rest of the cast, which only also included Kieran Culkin and Tavi Gevinson, I recognized Tavi's name from Mae's photos. I thought she was solely an actor who was in her 20's, but in the playbook, it said she was only 18. After the amazing play, I was shocked to see a woman fresh out
of high school be so successful and talented at what she does, which was acting. I immediately followed her on social media, and soon realized that she was more than an actress -- she was a fashion icon (at least in my eyes), a successful blog runner, and the editor-in-chief of a magazine called Rookie, which I had never heard of before. Thus the obsession began, and I constantly got ideas from her unique looks that embody her identity and the awkward transition from teen years to adulthood. I later found out that she had been running her blog since she was 13, and that her blog is one of the main reasons that she gained fame so early. Her blog is now defunct, but that's because it transformed into Rookie Magazine, which she now writes for and edits along with a few dozen other people. Her story inspired me -- because she is so young and successful, I thought I could make a blog like her. Although my blog is not just like hers (her's is probably more personal, and mine focuses more on fashion than other aspects of life), I thought I could be like her. Maybe not just like her, but someone people look up to for fashion and everyday advice that all teens struggle with. Along with Rookie Mag, she creates a Rookie Yearbook, or a compilation of articles, photographs, sketches, and much more that are found on the website in a single year into a 350+ page book. I've wanted to buy the third one for a while now, and I finally ordered it and it came in the mail today. I've spent all day reading it instead of doing more important
things, and I'm only halfway through (remember, it's over 350 pages and is about the size of a normal yearbook), but never have I seen something so relatable and creative and put together in the most unique way until I read this. It's a book made for teenage girls, so all the images and articles are meant to attract our minds -- what we're thinking, what we like to see, what we need to hear. And it really did just that for me, and I'm not even done reading it. It makes me even more grateful towards Tavi, because she was able to keep her sense of her teen years into creating a book that only a successful adult could do. The fact that this woman is only two years older than me and she's already managed to act in a T.V. show, be on Broadway with two extremely successful actors, run a successful blog with thousands of fans, appear on the cover of many magazines, and be the editor-in-chief of a successful online magazine astounds me but it also inspires me greatly. Her work has allowed me to realize that I would love to work in the side of fashion that involves writing and editing, a place where I can use my free spirit to write about something I'm truly passionate about.



Spring Fashion

(dress -- Fred Perry; shirt -- Madewell)

Spring weather is finally here (hopefully for at least a week, it's Georgia), so I decided to dress like it to celebrate the occasion. It got up to 70 degrees, unlike last week where it was about 15 degrees every day, so I didn't have to worry about wearing tights/pants or finding a sweater and coat warm enough for below freezing temperatures. I bought this Fred Perry dress about a year ago from Urban Outfitters when it went on sale that chopped off about $60 from the original expensive price, so of course I had to invest in it. This is the softest and most comfortable dress I have ever worn, and its light peach color is perfect for the transition from winter to spring. I remember always wanting to wear it in Paris (which I did when I went this summer) because it makes me feel like I'm about to spend a month in France, in the best possible way. I almost felt like I fit in with Topshop Unique's SS15 collection that's full of bright colors and stripes. Because I wear it so often, I tied a chambray button up around my waist to add a '90s touch and loosen the preppy style that comes from the dress. I finished the look with my favorite black cut-out boots to also add more edge, and I was ready to step into spring.