Turtleneck Envy

Turtlenecks used to be that awkward sweater that was frowned upon by anyone who had any common sense in fashion. Fortunately, that stereotype has changed (at least by the sensible people), and it's making it's way back into today's style. First seen on the runway, then in the big fashion cities, it's now moving into everyday wardrobe. Many people will still make fun of the "dreaded turtleneck", but these people don't realize how it's trending almost everywhere, and it was a huge hit in street style during NYFW. It may seem like a big leap to go back to these sweaters, but the way to do it is to make sure the rest of the outfit is acceptable -- pairing it with my ripped jeans, which everyone loves, balanced the outfit. And it's also best to wear bold eye makeup, like winged eyeliner, to add more femininity to the turtleneck. Today it was even colder than yesterday (10 degrees all day!), so I wore the turtleneck to stay warm but to also keep my fashion game consistent. In the end, you'll be the warmest, comfiest, and most in-style (based on current trends) on the street.

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