Trend of the Week: Colored Tights

This week's trend involves bright colors that make the dull (and surprisingly white today!) winter more colorful and interesting. A way to do this subtly is by adding bright tights to a neutral outfit. Colored tights might seem hard to pull off because the silly "matching rules" exist, but I believe that pairing different colors together that may go against those rules is completely okay. The tights can create a fun style, but also surprisingly sophisticate an outfit if paired with the right clothes. I've had these light purple tights for almost two years now, but I hardly wear them due to two reasons -- I'm afraid nothing matches them, and I sometimes don't have the courage to wear something that could seem so juvenile. I changed that notion by pairing them with my white turtleneck dress from Asos, which definitely needed some color. To make them even more subtle (and to stay warm in the snow we got today), I layered black thigh highs over them, which in my world, is completely acceptable and it creates a unique look hardly anyone will wear. I finished the look with my favorite chelsea boots and heavy eye makeup (of course, winged eyeliner) to further sophisticate the playful tights. Finally, I had to grab a coat due to the freezing weather, and this was the most difficult process. Hardly any jackets looked good with the dress, and not many matched the tights. I quickly grabbed my bright blue pea coat, which may seem overboard, but I soon realized that the bright colors in the outfit really complement each other and make the mature dress more playful, in the best way possible. Today was a hard day for me because it snowed, which means school should have been cancelled (remember, I live in Georgia), but the roads happened to be fine, so we still had to attend. Many people didn't show up or were dressed in T-shirts and sweats, but I thought that I should make the best of a terrible day by being fashionable, which almost made today decent. 

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