NYFW Trends

NYFW Trends: The Fur Coat

Sadly, I’m not in NYC right now for New York Fashion Week, but I can still vicariously live through it by blogging and by scrolling through Pinterest. This NYFW allows many hidden trends to surface on the streets of NYC, and one of the more prevalent ones seen this season are fur coats. And I don’t mean those huge, puffy, animal-like jackets that make you twice your size. I mean the subtle fur coats — the ones with the same shape as the long wool coats that will always be seen in cold weather, but with a touch of fur to make the coat 10 times warmer and classier. Sometimes these fur coats are the only way to stay warm in the chilly New York weather, but the best part is they’re actually cute, unlike the puffy jackets some people wear because they think it’s the only thing that will keep them warm. They can be added to almost any outfit — a more casual one with a simple sweater, skinny jeans, and sneakers (the left outfit), a more sophisticated one with a lace top and heels (the right outfit), or even one including a dress, tights, and low boots. This versatile winter necessity has existed for a long time, but they’re finally coming back in style with the rise of NYFW and many other trends.

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