Turtleneck Envy

Turtlenecks used to be that awkward sweater that was frowned upon by anyone who had any common sense in fashion. Fortunately, that stereotype has changed (at least by the sensible people), and it's making it's way back into today's style. First seen on the runway, then in the big fashion cities, it's now moving into everyday wardrobe. Many people will still make fun of the "dreaded turtleneck", but these people don't realize how it's trending almost everywhere, and it was a huge hit in street style during NYFW. It may seem like a big leap to go back to these sweaters, but the way to do it is to make sure the rest of the outfit is acceptable -- pairing it with my ripped jeans, which everyone loves, balanced the outfit. And it's also best to wear bold eye makeup, like winged eyeliner, to add more femininity to the turtleneck. Today it was even colder than yesterday (10 degrees all day!), so I wore the turtleneck to stay warm but to also keep my fashion game consistent. In the end, you'll be the warmest, comfiest, and most in-style (based on current trends) on the street.


Trend of the Week: The Leather Jacket

The trend of the leather jacket has been around for multiple decades now, and it seems like it will never fade. But with each era comes a different style that is completely unique from the last. Starting in the '50s, only guys wore it to look more "masculine", and as the decades passed, it became a style that was more rebellious (think '80s British punk and '90s grunge). Now, it's coming back in a universal way -- practically any gender can wear it with almost anything to give a more edgy feel but to also keep warm. Today, it was under 10 degrees, so I had to layer with my favorite turtleneck from Urban Outfitters and button-down from Gap paired with my Madewell skinnies. Usually, I'd pair this typical outfit with my pea-coat from J. Crew, but I wanted to try something new, so I dug out this leather jacket from my mom's closet and finished the look with it. It's surprisingly warmer than it looks, and it gives any outfit a super cool style. It can also be paired with dresses and skirts to decrease their femininity or even with cut-offs for that awkward transition from winter to spring. Although it's fairly expensive, the jacket looks good with anything and it's extremely practical, so I'd suggest invest in one (I'm thinking of buying my own pretty soon). Practically seen everywhere on the streets of New York and London, the leather jacket is still here to stay, just 2015 is making the look ten times cooler than it used to be.


Jane Birkin's Look is Making a Comeback

Some might say that the braless look was inspired by the '90s and the infamous style of Friends character Rachel Greene (don't get me wrong -- her style is still extremely important to me). However, I believe it started in the '70s with film actress Jane Birkin -- she defied feminine standards in fashion by going braless and tapping into men's fashion to use in her own style, like wearing trousers and more masculine tops. Her look is definitely iconic, and parts of it are showing up in current style. The most prevalent part of her look that's now seen everywhere on the streets is going braless. The only disadvantage of look is you need the courage to go out with a bra, but other than that, it's extremely comfortable and adds a rebellious edge that goes against norms for women. Personally, I would just do this for the comfort that it brings (bras can be so obnoxious and almost unnecessary for body types like mine). But being comfortable can be the opposite of trendy, and this look is nowhere near that. Whether it's with huge sweaters, backless tops, or deep-plunge blouses or dresses, not wearing a bra can be extremely convenient and fashionable. And there's still ways to keep your feminine side in fashion, like wearing feminine colors (the pink sweater in the left outfit) or by wearing skirts or dresses (the red midi in the right outfit). I think that the purpose of the bra is just to fit the standards of the male patriarchy, so why not rebel and look cute while doing it?


NYFW Trends

NYFW Trends: The Fur Coat

Sadly, I’m not in NYC right now for New York Fashion Week, but I can still vicariously live through it by blogging and by scrolling through Pinterest. This NYFW allows many hidden trends to surface on the streets of NYC, and one of the more prevalent ones seen this season are fur coats. And I don’t mean those huge, puffy, animal-like jackets that make you twice your size. I mean the subtle fur coats — the ones with the same shape as the long wool coats that will always be seen in cold weather, but with a touch of fur to make the coat 10 times warmer and classier. Sometimes these fur coats are the only way to stay warm in the chilly New York weather, but the best part is they’re actually cute, unlike the puffy jackets some people wear because they think it’s the only thing that will keep them warm. They can be added to almost any outfit — a more casual one with a simple sweater, skinny jeans, and sneakers (the left outfit), a more sophisticated one with a lace top and heels (the right outfit), or even one including a dress, tights, and low boots. This versatile winter necessity has existed for a long time, but they’re finally coming back in style with the rise of NYFW and many other trends.